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… as making beautiful and sustainable footwear ain’t no mean task, and we are doing our bit to explore responsible options.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact us via email: shoes@ idealhusband.com.au

About Ideal Husband

Whether you’ve found us via word of mouth, specifically looked us up or just randomly stumbled upon this shoe site dedicated to bespoke and hand-made footwear, now that you are here, please feel free to get an idea what IDEAL HUSBAND can do for you…

Get yourself a nice cup of tea or some decent coffee (personally, I’ll have a hot chocolate, thanks!) and peruse… here at IDEAL HUSBAND it’s all about fabulous footwear made to last. Distinct but timeless style combined with comfort and the delight of knowing it’s a ‘special’ shoe. As there are gazillions of shoes already out there, we certainly have no desire to add to the pile of mass-produced ill-fitting products.

Quality over quantity any time – and with our hand-made and limited edition range we’ve made it happen… Wearable Art cleverly disguised as utterly delectable boots…slightly elevated ‘flat’ sandals playing with colours and letting you sail through your day without blisters…fiercely determined lace-ups with that extra kick for a day in the Urban Wild.