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Not so classical Oxford

And maybe not just one, but a left and a right? What an exiting concept – in the predominantly female world that is. Surely we are only mere minutes away from the discovery of the “female shoe gene” – it might be officially confirmed as I write!

This is my very first blog in the world of digital mayhem – so some disaster may very well happen…being a tactile/ visual/ hands-on designer person, I am happy to whip up a pair of weird and wonderful shoes or create another dress (nothing to wear, as usual….), but in the grey world of codes and slashes and clicks and mice I find myself more often than not slightly befuddled.

For various reasons, this has to change – or at least the amount of befuddledness needs to decrease about one 6 inch heel size. To put it mildly. Apparently the world needs (and wants??!!) to know what the world is doing – so I will start to share my experiences in and around the world of shoes and design and people connected to it. Ok – back to shoes.

For what ever strange reasons lots of different people do like lots of different shoes….and then there are some who like to make their own! I certainly love it very much – to the extent I decided to introduce my very own  shoe workshops…what started in 2003 in Melbourne/ Australia, has now it’s base in Darwin – for that extra challenge as hardly anyone wears shoes up here in the Australian tropics. Then there is the traveling part of it as I have been asked to teach overseas as well as nationally – very exciting and needless to say, full of wonderful chances to complicate things – ever tried to rustle up some well made tiny bits of needed machinery in Asia? Well…in the end, someone sitting somewhere on the floor somehow makes something out of something else…and those ancient machines continue to work! Brilliant indeed. I am hooked – so there will be more to come as more overseas  shoe workshops are planned for 2012 in Bali – watch this space!!

Shoeworkshop in Bali 2011 Marlene Kranz
shoes and pigs - Balinese shoe workshop in June 2011 with Marlene Kranz

And back on local shores? Anyone interested in SHOE MAKING WORKSHOPS can contact Territory Craft or Marlene Kranz for more information – The next shoe class starts Monday the 19th of September and is fully booked, but we are happy to offer another one starting in November – Interested? You should have a vague idea about sewing/ using a sewing machine, some maybe less vague ideas about designs you like and an adventurous but mature approach to power tools.


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