Floating Frangipani in Darwin, Northern Territory
White Frangipani

ANOTHER DAY almost over in sunny tropical Australia – it is night-time in Darwin, frogs and strangely unbecoming birds fill the air with random sounds while doing their very best to avoid the odd snake and those ever falling palm fronds….a very soothing backdrop when sitting on the computer doing research, research, some research and then some more research….all shoe related, off course! It has been 6 months since I “officially” declared the world a lesser place without yet another fabulous range of shoes – well, shoes are out there, good designs, better designs, rather OTT designs, and then quite some not-so-convincing designs – using good leather, better leather, rather OTT materials, NO leather….billions of people using gazillions of shoes…avalanches of shoes – lava like eruptions of even more fountains of shoes …. you get the picture!

AND THEN THERE IS AUSTRALIA  where quite a substantial amount of the population has a distinctively suspicious approach to anything “down there” not resembling thongs…flip flops…those rubber atrocities representing the minimum concoction one could possibly stumble around in short of going barefoot…well, there is an idea. Join the sea of bare footed long-bearded naked men seen in the alleys of the local supermarkets hunting down the major food groups – we won’t go any further down that path! Enough said!

And after all, there is Melbourne and Sydney where people do wear shoes – lots. I know. I have seen it. Yes.

Marlene Kranz "Wings" shoes
"Wings" - the making of!

SO HERE WE ARE – working towards introducing a rather theatrical small range of bespoke footwear which will bring a smile on your face – initially, the smiles are all with me, as I am the one currently road testing – oh, what a chore indeed….somehow all those sample shoes are in MY size…how did that happen? Might as well make the most of it – and after all, I need to know how fabulously comfortable they are! You will understand…putting in the effort and time and research and time and research and effort…you get the picture!

There are many very flat and many very high shoes around – and my preference is neither nor! I hear it a lot – something JUST RIGHT seems to be missing in the world of shoes….so watch this space!

Balinese woodcarver
Padma creating carved heels for Marlene

DURING MY RECENT TRIPS overseas I made the acquaintance of some talented South East Asian gentlemen. Applying their expertise, I had the opportunity to watch wood carving “on the go” – Padma was one of my Balinese shoe students in my recent workshop in Indonesia; and he kindly agreed to create some timber heels for me. I asked for traditional floral designs and a design based on the Barong – both came out rather beautifully and will hopefully be the beginning of a long cooperation. And just wait until the world can see those beautiful dragons….


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  • muckeelton

    What’s wrong with thongs? The are cheap but not nasty. I think they look very stylish coupled with a safari suit. Would you be able to design some wooden things with dragons? There’s gotta be a market for that, surely.

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