The Bruno in Ludmilla
Feline supervision while packing boxes...and more boxes!

Despite having a VERY helpful cat at hand, our recent move from one elevated house to another is not something I insist on repeating anytime soon…to add to the overall fun of packing while still maintaining the illusion of a civilized and stylish person to the world (one has to improvise when vital garments and image enhancing earrings magically disappear into boxes), I found myself in the enviable position of having had NO (repeat: NO! NOTHING! NADA!!!!) time for culling and lightening the mountain of “necessary” things…What exactly is necessary, anyway? This, dear readers, is one of those questions one usually associates with chicken and eggs…what came first? The need for stuff or stuff?

Lisa checking out fabric in Hoi An
Fabric expert Ms Dancing Queen checking out the wares in Hoi An, Vietnam

So here we are, for example – what is TOO MUCH FABRIC? Simple and only answer: what do you mean? Too much fabric? Impossible! However, we know that there might be NOT ENOUGH STORAGE, but this clearly cannot be our fault. Also, with a fashion/ theater/ set design background myself, I am aware of the need for a highly respected professional approach – which eradicates any mildly insulting links to “hording” or equally unhelpful suggestions from visually restricted members of the public. And really, if they are way too limited to imagine the possibilities and potential creative outbursts … again, clearly not our fault. So for those living in and around Melbourne, check out my friend Lisa’s fabulous fabric shop in Fitzroy! It’s called the “Dancing Queen“…..But I digress. Back to my recent ordeal of moving house – having just been to Indonesia for some shoe related business (and arriving home with an Asian version of some flu – no animals involved!!) I had 2,5 days to consider the tangible content of my life and somehow force it into card board boxes…trying not to lose my identity and sanity in the process (make sure to safely store those two somewhere where you can find them in a flash!!!). By then, the furry child had been transferred into temporary exile with feline friends – even if she had some difficulties remembering her manners – a very disgruntled Bruno! Thank you Piano, for accommodating that grumpy one…With an overall global approach and the help of various multicultural friends an insane amount of STUFF found its way into the new house…which has ENORMOUS amounts of storage space, which I WILL NOT FILL …I swear….(no, no fingers crossed right now behind my back!) So yes, they seem to be full right now, but already I filled bags and bags going to the opp shop – and free space opens up….

Shoes galore
Shoes galore

And then all those shoes….here we see some older ones…we do not see the not-so-old ones, let alone the definately-not-at-all-old ones…so imagine the amounts of useful shoes I had to shift…fortunately, I managed to store some of my glorious footwear mountain in my studio to be sorted out “at a later date” ….and NO, I do not know how many shoes I have. But Imelda had more. (And she would have had people doing all the moving for her, I bet…)

So really, being a creative type using all sorts of tools and machinery and leather and heels and this and that – I simply have to accept that the life style of a South-East Asian nun will never be mine. I need my stuff – while trying to reduce OTHER stuff…and with the trauma of shifting  still very much embedded in my brain, I find it very easy to let go – well, sort of. I have my moments, but with advanced age and a sprinkle of wisdom and maturity a certain abrupt, almost rude readiness to help others find their new treasures in those opp shops has infiltrated my daily life…and I expect it to last for a while!

Happy to report The Cat has inspected her new home and the surroundings and has agreed to stay with us at least as long as her current supply of tasty morsels does not run out. What a life! But I better go now and make a new pair of shoes…as clearly there is a certain strictly PROFESSIONAL urge..need!

The Cat at work
The Cat at work

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