FINALLY! Returning from the holidays on the beach, my last 2 days have been filled with a lot of reading and a lot of sifting through old stuff…something sitting on my to-do list for the last 6 weeks – and sitting and sitting….until now. Very nice to re-establish the illusion of order which comes with the superior feeling of being in control – another illusion, I hasten to admit. Nevertheless, today, on the last day of a rather full-on and exhausting year, I find myself in a calm and relaxed spot – and miles away from any potential disaster such as NYE parties and the like…Just the way I like it!

Having a tea break in Bali
Some chilled out moment recently in Bali....

More moments like that are on the map for 2012 – as most likely I will find myself in some Asian scenario or other….pursuing my own little dream of the ultimate shoe….visually stunning, utterly original, breathtakingly elegant and of course utterly zen when it comes to comfort….girls, I am working on it! And with me, hopefully very soon a certain group of artisans I had the pleasure to meet just the other month. Watch this space!

Marlene Kranz Shoes
Working working working....more shoes...more orange shoes.....

Meanwhile, in the world of Other Related Things, efforts are made to come up with a brilliant logo which will capture the essence of my vision – much easier said than done! We have climbed over the mountain made out of the hard bits – coming up with an icon – coming up with a name – now we “only” have to get it sort of fall into the right bits and places…but like everything in the visual world, it will happen – eventually, and after some time AWAY from the design…happens with shoes, happens with clothes, and certainly happens in the world of graphic design. Check out this website in case you are in need of some seriously good design work…website anyone?

Sometimes looking at some bird can help…so let’s do that for a change…

Artwork in Bali 2011
Some Big Bird in Asia

Or maybe some other kind of bird?

My friend Janet wearing just another piece of subtle headgear

Or simply having just another pot of tea with another astounding teacosy….I thought they were extinct a long time ago…but not in certain places! After all, it is simply a case of shifting perspective in order to see the world somehow differently – and alas! one might be able to come up with just the right idea to make it all JUST PERFECT….or at least keep those crocodiles at bay….

Bones and those crocs
Bones working his charm on some random crocs....

So with all those birds and crocs and teacosies thrown into the mix, 2012 will be another bag full of strange moments in life keeping me busy while coming up with all sorts of ideas for shoes…and of course more shoe workshops! Ideally, the words “Frantic” and “Manic” won’t be in use very often, and the concept of “Mature Moments of Inner Balance” (HA!) will outlive those inelegant occurrences of feeling 294 years old and simply over it all…let’s have another litre of tea instead and think of shoes…KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON – and with the help of Bruno The Cat I hope you all have a rather delightful 2012! More next year…back to sorting out stuff…what was I thinking!?? Who needs inflatable rubber pot plants? Who on earth came up with that idea? Why do I have them???

Love Peace and Happiness from The Cat

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