Nikolaus's Deer in Berlin
Albino deer located in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Not quite sure what happened to January this year – it came as such a RELIEF after all those Santas and reindeer and other related rather stressful festive season moments…then the month somehow warped into this rather odd and slightly lengthy “back-to-work” scenario where one wonders how on earth one is supposed to generate enough energy to fall out of bed each morning, let alone vibrate happily into a brand new day every 24 hours…and now January is over! GONE…paving the way to ANOTHER festive season…for those who need to know: LESS THAN 11 MONTHS…mon dieu.

On the other hand, here is a lovely innocent February presenting itself with all the promises such a flighty and sometimes shortened month can hold…for me, it means to prepare for another trip overseas, this time meeting with some artisans who are prepared to take on the KRANZ challenge…creating beautifully crafted pieces of art which happen to come in the shape of … SHOES!

Marlene Kranz shoes - work in progress
Working on those prototypes...

A whole year has gone by working at my new range – coming up with a vision, getting the vision a bit less vague, putting shapes to the idea, daring to proceed further – and then jumping into the deep waters of MAKING IT COME TRUE…which in itself is quite a concept…and in my case, I have made myself available to the idea of NO FIXED DEADLINE…they are ready when they are ready. So many bits and pieces to negotiate, so many people to have talks with – make that sign language in some situations! Finding out about the Australian manufacturing reality, working my way around trademarking, overseas markets and doing business in another country – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are days, when all I want to do is sleep and simply not think about it anymore…and then there are those days, when the sheer thought of having my vision of THOSE FABULOUSLY COMFORTABLE OUT-THERE Kranz SHOES finally realised is enough to get me through another round of whipping up those mock-ups and one-offs…always strangely in my very own size! How very handy indeed…and someone has to wear them after all…so it might as well be me…sacrifices have to be made….travels have to be done…here some little gems picked up around the world….stimulation and sometimes just something BEAUTIFUL to look at….

tiles in Istanbul
Some detail - tiles in Istanbul

And staying in Europe….

Some racing car in Berlin - fit for fast rabbits!

Then heading over the seven seas and seven mountains and millions of empty beer bottles back home…Australia!

  • Leather bits and pieces - Marlene Kranz necklaceOrganized chaos in leather – working on leather choker

And the outcome of one night in the company of the cat and those audio tapes….

leather choker January 2012

This is it for today – need to get back to sort out some design details – time is flying when things need to be done! Also, there is this new book DESPERATE for my attention…I certainly need a clone or three. And already I know I need that ONE EXTRA DAY before heading overseas….ALWAYS just one single day I seem to be short of in order to depart in an orderly and sophisticated way – as opposed to slightly rattled and with the certain knowledge of having left the odd thing undone or – worse! – behind….


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