Motoring around Bali

While this delightful RED scooter has not been my means of transport ( I hurled myself around on something less flamboyant – more on the darkish, dusty side of 2 wheels), I certainly had moments of imagining being the owner of a nicely colored piece of metal whilst being in Asia and looking after the making of my IDEAL HUSBANDS. One day, I spotted an old Enfield – and nostalgia swept me away, back to those times when opening my garage in Europe meant lovingly staring at a NSU and one of the first Honda trial bikes they ever built…ah…the metal…the PROPER, lasting, organically formed bits and pieces giving you so much pleasure when exploring those roads….but enough of that. Back to those lasting, organically formed shapes building the foundation of the shoes we are making – very happy to report the sampling days are almost over, and we are heading towards the excitement of officially launching IDEAL HUSBAND – later this year.

Sample shoe PILAR and GOYA in Jaguar version
When Jaguar meets Leopard…they probably talk Zebra!

I started exploring the possibilities of well-loved animal print – here you can see some (fake!) Jaguar and some equally pretend Leopard…using the leather of a cow without removing the hair, the animal design is printed on top. Depending on the individual hide, the effect can be dazzling – combine it with a timeless design, you might be looking at your potential next “best-loved” pair of shoes…Certainly happened for me…unfortunately, have to wait until I can wear them…as they need to stay looking new for the next photo session coming up…sacrifices to be made by selfless me.

More research across the globe is in the cards, as the above described hides do come in an astounding range of quality. I fell in love with a certain glossy, short-haired (but-not-too-short!) kind of a ‘just-right-side-of-light-tan-almost-whitish’ shade of color…and the samples were made with an ALMOST match…so one of my notes on my never-ending list says: get another batch! More trials…for that very one sample that gets the smile on my face…combined with a big sigh of relief, of course (lots of internal sighing while in Asia…apart from adopting a fearless style of taking to the traffic on a scooter, I also refined the art of keeping my sighs hidden as to not jeopardize those rather fragile webs of cross-cultural communications). But we are getting there! As we speak, the hunt is on for some delectable LEOPARD, and we might come across some dark, dark glossy puma…ah, one can dream!

Enjoying some coffee flower power

Very important while conducting business in Asia – give yourself enough breaks! (And check your brakes, as well…) While living in Australia has been challenging to my Inner German, just imagine what kind of havoc Asia can create to my in-build understanding of ‘ways to do things and when’…..ah, the horror…THE HORROR! One either withers…or emerges from the rubble of internal self-combustion with an odd way of coping just fine. This in itself is a reason for unimaginable outbursts of joy, which of course do not last. But then, nothing does. Right now I – maybe foolishly – feel that I am in there for the long haul…or at least as long as it takes for the tire to get a puncture. Which does never seem to be a problem in Asia, where everyone fixes everything – no matter what skills they have. What an attitude – delightful and utterly scary.

German scarecrow with Balinese scarecrow in background, Canggu

Recently, I made Canggu my temporary home when working – it is still refreshingly rural, very close to the beach (where I never go) and full of those rice paddies – which are full of scarecrows in order to prevent those hordes of little birds to descent and take their loot away. I suppose in about 5 years time this sleepy place will have been ‘discovered’ by millions of other people with their developments…and then goodbye, tranquility! So far, so good, so I will continue to enjoy the sound of chicken, dogs (dogs! dogs!!! MORE dogs…) and sometimes rather daggy music so much-loved by Asians…but then, I still listen to Neil Diamond myself! (If only to mortify the neighborhood, but they don’t know…and of course I finely balance this faux pas by paying differently offensive styles of music).

This is it for now – have to prepare those HUSBANDS for their time in the limelight – photo shoot on Thursday! I will be putting more pics on my Ideal Husband facebook page ( for those who want to be in the loop…feel free to ‘LIKE’ the facebook page, and THANKS to everyone who has done so already…As usual, I am 100% supported by Bruno who is supervising the whole affair…NOTHING would get done without her relentless cracking the whip…thank you, Bruno ๐Ÿ™‚


Bruno Kranz – the real force behind IDEAL HUSBAND

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