Perfect balance – only for seconds, of course!

It’s 11pm on a Thursday night, I just had a shower, and in about 2 hours some hopefully not too disgruntled member of the taxi driver gang will screech to a halt in front of my house with the intention to dump me at the airport – again. What feels a bit like Groundhog Day these times is actually the beginning of something rather special in the life of this shoe designer…a PROPER holiday is looming…YES!!! No official shoe business, no smiling and partly rather exhausting business negotiations, and certainly no crazy scooter scenario in OH&S free Asia…all this will be replaced by the smell and the dust (mud??) of Africa, and to be precise, of Uganda as of tomorrow. I have been told of roaring lions in the night (when huddling in a flimsy tent somewhere) and other delightful scenarios…needless to say, I am all for it. The suitcase is full of camouflage outfits, depending on animal group, I can do Leopard, Giraffe, Black Giraffe without Giraffe pattern and of course friendly Red Giraffe without Giraffe pattern…sorted!

Lots of color in Tropical Australia

The IDEAL HUSBANDS have made another step towards their official launch…we just had a second photo session with professional images of those creations emerging…and girls, they do look good! (Even if I say so myself…) And there will be snake…fake snake….real cow pretending to be real snake but we all know it is not…real cow made to look like rather real snake…in RED! And with BLACK! Ah, this might be the reason why I will return from my break – have to see those RED SNAKE BOOTS….mmmhhhh. So all on track – more work to be done on the range as I type…with more DRAGON HEELS to be carved….check this one out, what a delight:

Dragons anyone?

So this is it…the holiday! Well, after having negotiated a certain nightmare before hand, of course…I am determined to have a fabulous time running around Manila airport for about 12 hours before jetting over to Kampala and Entebbe…after all, I have never been to the Philippines, and who says airports can’t be fun? Oh, I rest my case. Which reminds me of a great book I read about 2 years ago when on holidays with my friends Lisa, Suzette and Cathy….the latter more or less forcing everyone to read Alain de Botton’s AIRPORT.…if you haven’t, and you happen to hang around airports just a tad too often, I am sure this book is for you….

Hope you all will be having an EXCELLENT August….and I shall return early September with my impressions about Uganda…African footwear?

Early Jungle Training in Ludmilla – preparing for a variety of global animal encounters

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