Checking out the fit of a new last - Ideal Husband prototype
More Husband prototypes in the making – last fitting stage

I am about to head overseas again – meeting with Echem in his studio which hopefully will be rather crowded with Ideal Husbands awaiting my approval…slightly apprehensive though, as we’ve had some sort of communication breakdown over the last couple of months…my trip to Uganda got in the way, and it’s been 2 months now since I’ve last seen him in person. A good opportunity to see how our professional relationship is working under those circumstances – needless to say, I am preparing myself for some unplanned ‘surprises’ which always seem to be on the cards when in Asia.

And then there are those Australian surprises! Living in the Top End of Australia does not only expose you to a lot of drinking, fishing and boganing, but also brings home the simple fact of REMOTENESS – supplier wise! While I am happy to report that my own lifestyle somehow does not incorporate any of the above mentioned sophistication, one cannot ignore the location…falling back on my severe German genes, OF COURSE I tend to be as organized a possible, even allowing Australia Post to do whatever they think they are doing when delivering ‘express’ after only 1,5 weeks…I suppose it all depends on the animal they are using for transportation, and in this case those pigeons might have been on leave, so I cannot really blame the poor little emu they saddled with the job – we all know they cannot fly! On second thoughts, my full admiration goes to the emu simply for persevering. Thank you, my friend.

Crested Crane near Masindi, Uganda
Certainly not the emu employed by Australia Post, but his colleague working for the postal service in Uganda – Crested Crane Chris awaiting his flying instructions – and still waiting….being Africa…

My last 4 days must have EASILY reached point 8,5 in the stress scale of 10 – and no emu involved this time. I have been a LOOOOONG time customer of a certain leather merchant down south – we are talking 10 years! – and after 6 years in the tropics, I am sure they have little notes in their computer files to mention that very fact….’customer needs express service’…’customer surrounded by crocodiles, so shoe glue needed URGENTLY’…that kind of thing. Notes might have fallen off somehow, as everything possible went wrong…express turned into NORMAL bag…dispatch department had more pressing things to do than actually dispatch..who can blame them?! On the positive side, after 2 days some of them did remember their job descriptions, so something got send….hooray. Just a minor issue: NOT IN TIME!

Marlene Kranz awaiting buckles delivery
Skin problems relating to missing buckle delivery….

Being on a tight schedule and booked on a plane heading over, by Thursday my German whitish skin had turned into an unflattering shade of green, which overall did not help in my day-to-day activities. And then – facebook provided the miracle! Having been UTTERLY determined to NOT join them for years, I eventually did some time ago – and posting a mildly desperate question looking for someone from Melbourne flying up just in time to deliver ANOTHER set of happy little silver buckles provided the miracle needed…thanks heaps, Francis and Kipley! And those unknown guys from the courier mob who actually drove those buckles all over Melbourne…now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for those Flying guys to keep remembering THEIR job description…come on, you can do it…beam them up, Scotty!

Beautiful old aircraft (DC3 if I am not mistaken) at Darwin airport

So this is the glamorous life of a shoe designer – a life riddled with skin disease, postal breakdowns, Asian hick-ups and emus…on the other hand, sounds still pretty normal to me…and based on my genetic affliction with shoes, what else could I possibly do to keep life from being dull? Joining Australia Post? Breeding postal birds? Becoming a public servant? The mind boggles. And overall, life is good. And funny…wait for this: as of yesterday, I am positively SWAMPED with buckles, as – for the first time on record up here, I am sure!!! – Australia Post delivered the non-express parcel in ALMOST express time….THAT was a fast emu! And just to enlighten you about those buckles, here they are, attached to an Ideal Husband:

Marlene Kranz - new range Ideal Husband LOMAS
Buckles and organic fringes…straight lines and curves…harmony galore…Ideal Husband LOMAS

Enough now about little shoe bits…what else is happening in the Ideal Husband world?

A SHOE LAUNCH is coming up – it’s planned for February or March now, early in 2013 – will keep you posted, and is always a good spot to catch up on any relevant updates…as well as enjoying those pictures by Fiona Morrison.

A PHOTO SHOOT is coming up – upon my return from the Island. Think Vintage cars and shoes with lovely legs attached….looking forward to that one!

Leaving you now with a photo of my old legs with some shoes attached, and no Vintage car in sight…have some packing to do!

Doing some shoe research – will they be comfy? Especially lying around on the floor in some office building….

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