Marlene Kranz' limited edition IDEAL HUSBAND boot CORDOBA black and silver leather bootie
Rather delightful Ideal Husband ankle boot CORDOBA

It’s a rather warm (!) evening in the Top End of Australia, and I have recently returned from yet another working stint in Indonesia…heading over armed with my very own and personally cobblered (is this an English word, I wonder….) prototypes and with the idea of returning with a rather heart warming pile of freshly hand crafted Ideal Husband shoes….ah, those little delusions one tends to entertain.

Good news first: I DID come home with above mentioned envisioned pile of shoes…and I DID recover from the rather disturbing initial shoe meltdown….and I even LOVED to throw myself right in the middle of that chaos commonly known as TRAFFIC IN ASIA…but what a roller coaster it was. In a nutshell: as some of you might recall, recently I had the pleasure to somehow endure a certainly impressive time in Uganda…lions, rhinos, half blind motorists,  crazy African dictators and all…needless to say, it has been utterly memorable. Also needless to say, in my absence from the Indonesian studio, almost EVERY memory and knowledge about those shoes did miraculously disappear into very thin air…NOTHING had happened over two months in my absence…absolutely NOTHING WHATSOEVER…we are now having a little moment of compassionate quiet….breathing in and out….

Mental Sanity Moment

But then, this is Asia. We know that. We love it as much as we absolutely and powerfully hate it. With a vengeance. What can I say…kept my facade of mild amusement and peaceful balance (!) while internally suffering a major shoe meltdown…painful! Reminded myself of the REASONS for chosing Asia for my project of traditionally made, proper leather footwear crafted with TIME, not under pressure and with mass production in mind…of course I did inquire in Australia and other places first, but then, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find someone happy to take on LIMITED EDITIONS, small runs, the whole MADE WITH DEDICATION AND TIME kind of theme….and yes, one has to do things more than once or twice in Asia to hopefully get them right in the end, but if this is the price to pay for also having the vast possibilities out there like finding people who are happy to TRY OUT NEW STUFF for a mad German designer…well, so be it. So far, sanity has been restored every time, so I shall prevail.

Feeling a bit low here…just for a while…

What can you do…what CAN you do? Have a Mango Lassi or two or eight and then re-group…took me about a day, and then I did some mad running and scooting around HUNTING FOR A MAGIC COBBLER….ah, one can dream…and for some odd reason, I managed to stumble into some nicely smelling place (LEATHER!!! ), met Adin and Muzy, and simply trusted my instincts….the Mango Lassi intake must have helped, as when I got my first sample back, they were almost perfect…more were made, and now I am happy to say, Ideal Husband is back on track….with a vengeance, and some decidedly yummy leather on board.

Back on top of the world…cats rule! But then, this is a dog….

Next thing on the list will be the photo shot – planned for early January now, as I will be over for more shoes in about 3 weeks – and then, of course, the IDEAL HUSBAND SHOE LAUNCH….now planned for February or March 2013. Watch this space. And have another look at a lovely shoe or two….

Ideal Husband LOMAS in black and red with ankle strap and red lining…nice enough?!

Now another deep breath…as I have started to embrace the world of e-commerce and cyber shops, storefronts and such kind…the mind boggles. Needless to say, my patience in such matters is paper-thin and pathetically under-developed…must be missing the ‘code and geek’ gene, big time.
After some unpleasantness stemming from being involved with so-called “big custom e-commerce solution and gateways” also known as “highway to hell”, I came across a brilliant review from a blogger who has some solid understanding and experience with alternative solutions much more relevant for the likes like me – small business, small limited editions, rather exclusive and artisan – and on top of that AFFORDABLE! Certainly won’t be tempted by etsy as I do not like the feel and the look of it, but storenvy  or bigcartel seem to be a possibility. So there is hope. After all.

Stand-in for Bruno while overseas…nice little ginger cat in Ubud providing sound business advise….

Just to make sure that this blog is MAINLY about SHOES and MOSTLY about my adventures with IDEAL HUSBAND, and most certainly NOT ABOUT CATS or even dogs…here is another shoe shot to end my November blog with….for any further updates and of course more shoe photos (EXCLUSIVELY shoes, NOT A SINGLE CAT involved…), please head over to my Ideal Husband facebook page!

Very limited edition Ideal Husband CORDOBA – black suede with Victorian floral glossy print, red lining and those enchanting red platforms….in my very own size!

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