Another month has gone by, a new year has started, and I have given myself a motivational treat: BOOKS….or even better, BOOKS about SHOES…which translates into BOOKS about SHOES with A LOT OF PICTURES – all about SHOES. Possibly my most costly luxury indulgence, but easily justified with mumbling ‘keeping up to date’ and ‘one needs to be informed about one’s addiction’ under my breath…and what about that lovely SMELL when for the very first time you open a new proper(!) paper book – priceless. Apparently by purchasing I gained the right to download the online version with some of them – but some little voice tells me this might never happen….which of course does out me being one of those hopeless cases desperately clinging to a past long gone…while pathetically whispering ‘but what about the tangible, lovely and exciting turning of a page? What about that sound?’ (I will NOT mention the truly disturbing nature of fabulous and HEAVY books when attempting to move house, though…)

Possibly the nicest little Jack Russel who has ever lived...
Possibly the nicest little Jack Russel who has ever lived…

If this picture had been taken at a different angle, LOTS of SHOE BOOKS would have been visible – which you simply have to believe. And why would I post a picture of a dog here, without a proper connection? There you go – all very obvious now. But while we are here, I might as well introduce you to one very special little dog – named Fatty (not by me!).

She is solely responsible for changing my rather opinionated ideas about ‘little yappy bits of nuisance on four stumpy legs’ – you get the picture. Not only a very friendly natured dog, but strangely also not overly enthusiastic in the barking department – which is usually something Jack Russell terriers seem to take A LOT of credit for…for about a year I had the good fortune to be the person of choice she liked to spend the night with…while living in a little cottage next to her owners in the country (cold, cold, COLD country!) the idea of having a warm little dog being your additional hot water bottle around your feet seemed like a most agreeable concept…even if that meant waking up with same canine heat source somewhere much closer than initially planned…UNDER the covers…mon dieu.

I cried A LOT when she died – long after I moved on, already living in another part of Australia – and still think she should be around having fun in Nar Nar Goon North…(what a name…only in Australia!). Let’s get rid of some barking idiot humans instead!

Vietnamese street sign in Saigon
Vietnamese street sign in Saigon

While I am not 100 percent sure what this sign means, I tend to think that my grasp of the English language while not exhaustive, certainly covers quite a substantial understanding of spelling…so I must admit, more and more often I find myself just a tad disturbed when coming across spelling like the TITLE!!!! of one of my recent purchases: “Shoe Design and Fashion – or The American Footware Designer”. Immediately, my spell check gives me this funny little dotted red line, so SURELY other people – even publishers! – would have had a similar experience? Come on! Little dotted red lines? LITTLE RED DOTTED LINES?

INSIDE the book, on the second page, they’ve got it right…’f’ootware’ turned miraculously into ‘footwear’ again, and my own little agitated brain could relax…and started enjoying the book, a reprint of Louis Kessler’s then rather modern approach on pattern making and shoe design – unfortunately they also forgot to include ‘minor’ stuff such as ‘year of first edition print’ which is information a fossil like me does like to inhale…if only to forget it rather quickly, of course. But this is quite another aspect of forgetting, believe me.

Just had a nagging thought – what if footware somehow does relate to Tupperware? That’s American, too! Maybe my little rant will now forever out me as the ignorant I truly am? Or should it be TupperWEAR? The mind boggles, and we need to move on…a friendly overall soothing picture is well in order now!

A friendly number FIVE enjoying some Southeast Asian sunshine...
A friendly number FIVE enjoying some Southeast Asian sunshine…

I like a good number – and FIVE has always been one of my favorite ones. I am not so good with the TWOS – as one of them regularly attempted to smother me in my dreams…imagine a MASSIVE number TWO bear down on you with all her two-ness intending to turn you into a two as well (or whatever was going on there, I surely had no idea!). There are people who can SEE musical notes as colours – I do very occasionally see numbers as coloured shapes – and no, the shapes are not the numbers! Sometimes that comes in handy when visualizing certain designs – and other times, it’s just plain odd, in an drug-free entertaining way. Cheap thrills!

I thought about cropping the picture to get rid of the plastic bag…but then decided against it. After all, this is the reality – people make great stuff, and then leave a mess. Some people less than others, but overall, we are a messy species…which reminds me that I will be heading over to Asia again very soon, for another messy round of shoe making bliss and blunder. Looking forward to more Ideal Husbands with just a tad of dread…in the nicest possible way…while also on the lookout for just the right place for my Balinese shoe workshops….will keep you posted!

Driving along...on the road towards perfection!
Driving along…on the road towards perfection!

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