colors galore....
Colors galore….to soothe a ruffled shuffled mind….

My last two weeks have been causing havoc with my inner balance – what little was left that is before humanity took over…apparently there is a world out there besides THINKING BREATHING and MAKING SHOES…that little bit of “other stuff” one does to keep a roof over ones head and The Cat in food…argh. Usually a rather pleasant affair which provides much-needed perspective now and then, occasionally one’s little oasis of pleasantness gets utterly derailed by human interactions which can only be compared to some sort of minor cyclone – and that is exactly how it feels! The little tent of work/life balance has been blown away and dangles somewhere on an uprooted formerly glorious majestic tree me thinks…shredded to bits, and occupying WAY TOO MUCH of my scrambled brain…it just started to rain in Darwin and luckily I managed to persuade Bruno to come inside and help me finding a bit of an illusion of inner calm again…let’s start with some generously shredded cat hairs….merci bien!

My trusted companion she of the many hairs....
My trusted companion she of the many hairs….

I will be off overseas again in two days, and my GIGANTIC list of “things to do” has not been diminished very much, sadly…lurking around the studio with the INTENT to do it, but then finding myself staring at a heel much longer than socially acceptable…without the usual sparks in the brain! At last did get a hold on some elusive idea and tied that one to my leopard covered work bench to be stared at a bit longer…and longer…and a bit more, thank you very much! And then…emerging from the sea of dark slush and sluggish sparkle…some nice new approach regarding a heel cover….using some sort of something to create another sort of something…well…let’s say it might end up being silvery, sort of shiny and utterly Asian….in a strangely traditional way…mmhh….more thinking to be done, but most certainly something to be discussing next week with those crafty men….YES!

Laughing - sometimes not quite happening...
Laughing – sometimes not quite happening…

So while March 2013 hasn’t been on my personal short list for “fun month of the year”, there is no need to be as drastic as that sign spotted in Phnom Penh some time ago – which makes it very clear to the visitors of the infamous Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum that respect is required. I do remember being rather unsettled by the apparent need to put up that very sign – who on earth would be laughing in such a place? Out of sheer helplessness, perhaps (That would be the nicer version, of course…)? But then, looking around, I do feel a certain unease when observing my fellow humans…so again, get me those clown shoes…NOW! MORE THAN READY to get those morbid thoughts turned around and re-focus on what keeps me up and running – SHOES!

Those boots are made for...lots of things!
Those boots are made for…lots of things! Ideal Husband CORDOBA in red with fringe detail….on Jim’s beautiful bike!

Here we have some lovely Louise legs wearing RED RED boots…during our photo shoot in February. Needless to say that I have not been able to finish looking through all those photos taken….and there have been LOTS indeed. Sometimes, that is all I need to get back into that saddle and keep going…a delightful visual impression of an object I love…and shoes can do that to me. Still. After all those years. Had a look through some fabulous shoe book gems this week, and need to mention TRIPPEN…those two talented Germans who made their dream come true while more or less re-inventing some sort of wheel….my mother sent me their beautifully designed little (but heavy and thick!!!) book capturing their adventurous journey….an absolute feast for the eyes and those parts of the brain which need beautiful input to keep going….check it out!

Not-yet-edited photo from recent shoot....Emily doing her magic wearing Ideal Husband MASINDI in black and red...
Not-yet-edited photo from recent shoot….Emily doing her magic wearing Ideal Husband MASINDI in black and red…

And with NO CHANCE to get those photos sorted before my next venture over to the island of shoes, I simply have to surrender and practice some additional patience – with myself, by the looks of it. Not so sure whom else to blame – apart from that energy-sucking weather we are experiencing here during a most unusually dry wet season…to me, it all feels like a massive built-up with hardly any refreshing rain, let alone a DECENT MONSOON…seems they have all gone to Queensland this year, repeatedly!! So maybe it’s time to re-consider our options…where to go next? Well, nothing will happen in a hurry, but the seeds are sown…maybe somewhere where humans are allowed in the water, too…as much as I love those crocs,  it has never occurred to me I should be doing the dolphin thing with them…meanwhile, tomorrow’s task of the day will be scoring a proper helmet for that little bit of added security when whizzing around those mad mad MAD people in Asia….anyone else out there who believes their helmets are made out of bread? Ok, MAYBE it’s card board….but is that any better? Less flies, obviously….

Enchanting Cambodian flora....edible and utterly pleasant to look at!
Enchanting Cambodian flora….edible and utterly pleasant to look at – in a slightly strange way.

It’s time for me to attempt a bit of ‘clearing up the place’ – a lot of shoe clutter draped around Bruno, or the other way round, maybe…shoes and leather and heels and books and pencils….a camera and a sewing machine and then another sewing machine…glue and ink and buckles…ah, THERE are my glasses….CHOCOLATE (Lindt, Dark Orange for anyone who is interested…)…too much for tonight, so will simply turn off the lights, the laptop and my shoe brain…as there is a rather fabulous book awaiting my return…Swedish crime fiction, anyone? Nothing better than a lot of snow when the tropics are breathing down your neck….until next time with a lot of new shoes in tow….


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