end of the day - rained-on frangipani blossom
End of the day – rained-on frangipani blossom

Let’s start with the weather…everybody and their dog has something to say about it these days! And a woman with a cat does know a thing or two as well…

Apparently we have officially entered the DRY season, but all what really has happened is that FINALLY, after an abhorrent non-happening WET season, rain is on the agenda…it rained yesterday, it rained again today, and really, I am very much looking forward to even more of that…forget about the dry season, I just want to be a bit cooler every now and then! ( Needless to say, the DRY season did not come with any less humidity attached…everything CHANGED!!!) Right now, I am looking into a cheerfully gray and overcast sky with a rather promising decent medium-fat and nicely grumpy looking cloud ready to drop it over the Top End….yes, please!

One of those things which might never change - love a decent stone cat!
One of those things which might never change – I love a decent stone cat!

Okay, that change in weather – tick. Now, that change of something more tangible, more ‘direct impact’, more ‘right in your face’…and yes, I am talking – once again – about my shoes!

During my last working trip over to South East Asia, LOTS OF THAT. Undeniable entertaining as it might be, but equally mentally crippling – when all you want to do is to have “just another pair of this model, makasi”. Personally, it is somehow fascinating to be faced with some sort of “variation” you haven’t even entertained yourself, EVER – and I tend to believe I have the capacity for the odd ODD thing – but to put it mildly, there was really no need to somehow interchange the (different sized!) buckles or to re-arrange the colour combo…or even swap the lasts just for that bit of extra jolliness…imagine a dusty, sweaty person on a scooter (me) heading hopefully, REALLY full of hope, towards a certain workshop envisaging the taking-into-possession of a much coveted delectable pair of POSADAS…YESSS….and then see that same dusty, sweaty but still basically hopeful person stop at the traffic lights (needless to say, no one else really bothers to wait, but then again, certain habits prevail)…

A traffic light with a STRAIGHT LINE OF VISION TO THE COUNTER of the workshop.


A pair of POSADAS

In a seriously questionable


Colour combo


Drum roll…time stands still, and then…the rest of that almost ordinary day unfolds. Just another day in the life of those Ideal Husbands….

AND THAT IS WHY I AM STILL IN AWE WHEN I FINALLY SEE A PROPER PAIR – beautifully done, and with no visible sign of any scarring, mental or otherwise.

Some nice visual needed now. URGENTLY.

Nice boots with nice bike...red reptile print and ankle fringe...POSADAS
Nice boots with nice bike…red reptile print and ankle fringe…POSADAS

What else, in the change department?!

Of course, THE LAUNCH. Or more precisely, THE DATE of the launch. Increasingly being reminded of that charming tale of the person crying “wolf” with the rather unfortunate ending involving a decent dinner for a medium-sized animal, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable and just A TAD stupid mentioning some dates – only to retract them again…well, there were some issues with the production….BIG ISSUES actually. (What a friendly word, ISSUES – you’d never know the harsh reality hiding between those six letters).

Then even MORE issues in that department – just when we thought everything has settled (hearty laughter in the back ground). Then something else cropped up – availability of a desirable location…other things…and then, much to my dismay, religion entered the arena…well, we have to work around it, so for everyone involved, this is what we’ve come up with – tadaaaa – Saturday the 3rd of August!


Delightful Ms Emily Bix pretending to enjoy sitting in the trunk of a handsome Zephyr
Delightful Ms Emily Bix pretending to enjoy sitting in the trunk of a handsome Zephyr…thank you again, Bob, for allowing us to use your vintage gem!

And then more changes, of course…over the last two posts, the look of this blog has changed – from a fierce, determined and mainly DARRRK something to this lighter, whiter and apparently somehow more-easy-to-read version…but the main reason for this particular re-arrangement has been the overall desire to create a visual connection with our soon-to-be-launched e-shop….which will happen August the 3rd @the launch!

(and no more bloody changes!)

And this is it for this month – will end this blog with some soothing picture and a link to a fellow shoemaker…hope you have some fun checking out Camilla Skovgaard!

Duck, following her friend everywhere...I think she thinks she is a dog, really...or he a dock?
Duck, following her friend everywhere…I think she thinks she is a dog, really…or he a dock?

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