Absolute traffic jam...absolute stand still...and this ABSOLUTE  RED on the side of the road...
Absolute traffic jam…absolute stand still…and this ABSOLUTE RED on the side of the road…

It’s the last day of the month, and thus my last chance to keep to my promise to SOMEHOW write a blog every month…EVERY MONTH! Unlike so many other bloggers I do tend to struggle for words while treading the fine line between the mind-boggling display of self-importance (about what one wonders!?) and the slightly less questionable urge to “express oneself”…which, of course, is directly linked to individual perspective…so no real help there.

Never mind.

But on perspective…THAT HAS BEEN HAMMERED HOME (with those cobbler hammers, needless to say).


Ideal Husband PILAR in RED and Black on GREEN...
Ideal Husband PILAR in RED and Black on GREEN…


A new cobbler (magic word! NEW! COBBLER! ENDLESS NEW POSSIBILITIES…for everything, really. Including internal meltdown No 425)

Prepares a sample shoe….along the way, issues with that fabulous stamp….

Our logo - we like it A LOT. So much so that we want to see it in every shoe...yes, indeed!
Our logo – we like it A LOT. So much so that we want to see it in every shoe…yes, indeed!

More issues with that fabulous stamp. AND THEN SOME. And we still don’t know why…but we can feel a little tug of anxiety (AGAIN!?!!) clinging onto the edge of our apparently composed self…

Right. It is the day of the DELIVERY. A day cherished and feared. DREADED these days…

THE LINING IS SLASHED. As in S.L.A.S.H.E.D. As in cut repeatedly. WHY? (slightly frantic laughter now).

Stitching is A DREAM. Rest of the shoe pretty darn fabulous.


Your outer self keeps calm and does the negotiations while excelling in cross-cultural communication. Even manages a slightly mangled resemblance of a smile…imagine S.L.A.S.H.E.D smile. Yes, most certainly a bit cut here and there…

And your inner self has just about given up. Wants to cry. Feels utterly devastated.

Is in need of something cheerful – aren’t we all?

Balinese flowers floating in water bowl...
Balinese flowers floating in water bowl…very cheerful.

So this is it. The reality of working in third world countries. The reality of a formerly functioning Australian shoe industry gone down the drain – leaving no options but to go overseas. Which is so much harder – and cheaper, but not in a good way. You see, for me to get a good sample shoe, I have to go back about three times (as an average) and have them done again. And again. And possibly again. Eventually, they end up ok. But no longer cheap. Or with the guarantee of having retained that information for the next shoe…

And this is my dilemma. I love what I do. I believe in functional design which makes your day – whether it is a beautifully shaped vessel for a flower, a delightful architectural achievement or … a pair of shoes. This world is pretty harsh. Not a nice place for humans, and ironically all caused by humans. So my way of dealing with the nightmare called humanity is keeping it simple – well, at least TRYING to keep it simple. Having a bunch of shoemakers I know and pay well – allowing for a decent time to make a shoe from scratch – getting back to the idea of supporting a fabulous craft while creating shoes that fit well and are comfortable…and turning back the clock a bit – to the times when it was absolutely normal to wait for your handmade shoes….

Something RED and GREEN and CURVY...toe detail Ideal Husband POSADAS
Something RED and GREEN and CURVY…toe detail Ideal Husband POSADAS

Apart from that, all is well.

And we have found another very promising shoe maker – who seems to have worked with foreigners before and somehow worked out that they like their lining..mm..UN-slashed!

This is it for today. A lemon/ banana cake has made an appearance (it looks rather good considering I make shoes not cakes) and I am awaiting the arrival of some friends of Bruno – after all, the cat has made it to 3! Happy birthday Bruno – it’s nice having a bit of feline indifference hanging around to keep life…fluffy. Too hard otherwise!

One last thing before I go – giving you a link to another shoe designer…check out Chie Mihara in Spain… http://www.chiemihara.com/


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