Checking out those yoga cushions...kitten-cushion sandwich curtesy of Cafe Organik, Amed
Checking out those yoga cushions…kitten-cushion sandwich courtesy of Cafe Organik, Amed

A couple of days ago, I returned from my latest sojourn to the isle of Gods, Dogs, Cats and Shoes…A WHOLE MONTH amongst the hustle and bustle and that rather specific smell…to say I have been just a tad apprehensive would certainly hit that little cobbler nail right on the head…As mentioned in my last blog from August, ‘Ideal Husband’  launched amongst glorious vintage rust and dust, delightful frocks and polished gems – both cars and bikes and humans. Orders were placed! Feet got measured! ‘Ideal Husband’ entered the REAL WORLD…bloody hell, this is it. When the dust settled after a night even I did enjoy immensely (despite working away for a week to get it all sorted), I was holding a rather long list of orders in my trembling hands…ready to enter the next mildly anxiety ridden phase…off on to the communication highway to my Javanese associates residing in Bali!

At Mr Nur's establishment - finishing touches on new Ideal Husband design QUINTERO
At Mr Nur’s establishment – finishing touches on new Ideal Husband design QUINTERO

One thing was certain: mental OH&S cried for a magic assistant, preferably local, most certainly fluent in Indonesian, and in an Ideal World (you are entitled to laugh!) also familiar with all those idiosyncrasies and issues so prevalent within the leather industry…so before throwing myself into that intoxicating and ‘wait-for-noone-but-sit-around-a-lot’ environment, I trawled the cyber world that is today’s first step of inquiry…love it or hate it (for me, it depends on the day!), I got onto facebook and after the odd dud some kind person who happens to know another person who happens to have worked in the leather industry for some years now made the connection…and some weeks later, I was having my first tentative ‘business’ meeting…one of three, and I am hopeful there will be uncountable more to come. Before introducing her more in a later blog, let me just say: She-is-good-full-stop. And my Indonesian simply appalling…getting there, one morsel of a word per day…hopefully!

Growing helmets and hope in Kerobokan...
Growing helmets and hope in Kerobokan…

Meeting her, meeting a highly recommended additional cobbler, meeting some new people discussing potential house sharing when in Bali and not meeting all sorts of deadlines as we are working in Asia, it was time for meeting another challenge:


I vaguely remember the last one I’ve had.

I chose to opt out of Xmas 2012 completely ignoring it while discussing new outfits to be sewn up (nothing to wear! REALLY!!) with Bruno Kranz. Yes, she might be a cat, but I value her input…if nothing else, she helps me keeping fabric flat (or crumpled…) while simply choosing it as her current resting place…shedding a truckload of hair in the process…as we do need some furry insulation from the nasty cold up here in tropical Australia…so thank you, Bruno. Very much looking forward to doing the same this Xmas…as we are running out of clothes…AGAIN!

Bruno Kranz supervising the sewing - 'concerned citizen' look
Bruno Kranz supervising the sewing – ‘concerned citizen’ look

So. Back to THE CHALLENGE. Having a holiday. Certainly easier said than done in the world of a German…who seems to be doing a lot. I am happy to report that I am VERY GOOD at having liters of tea while indulging in reading stacks of books…inhaling them actually. I shall use this space to send a BIG THANK YOU to the libraries in Australia…I am confident I will NEVER EVER encounter my worst nightmare – running out of books. They order and order and order and fill and fill and fill those shelves with those utterly delectable rectangles of joy…try smelling your kindle and dare to tell me it’s ‘like a book’ – NO, IT’S NOT! But we do love a kindle as it will prevent that meltdown in the face of ‘nothing to read and I will die!’ anywhere you go….where was I? Ah, yes…back to those moments of reading and drinking and sleeping and reading and drinking and sleeping. So there. I can do that. A whole day long, no probs. Two days? Heaven. Three days? This is Bliss Galore, surely…

Holidays with dog...Buddy in Stradbroke having a shark-free swim....
Holidays with dog…Buddy in Stradbroke having a shark-free swim….Xmas 2011

So. The idea was to have a break from work, relocating to some shoe-free zone on the other side of the island, brush off the glue and dust and slightly strained smile and SIMPLY RELAX…ha! To cut it short, it hasn’t been easy. The stage was set – imagine a nice cottage bordering the ocean, sunshine and sea breezes…not enough WiFi coverage to get too bothered with the world…dishes which make you wish your skill set would include ‘entering a kitchen and producing some fabulous food’…and, of course, the fabulous company in the shape of an equally work challenged Ideal Boyfriend who added to the mix the minor little task of ‘quitting smoking and drinking for a while’. Staring at the beautifully hand-woven ceiling with wild eyes, I found myself imagining tools falling onto just finished Ideal Husbands…shoe lasts dragged away by Bali dogs forever shattering any attempts to make another fabulous shoe in that very shape…The Beautiful Mind…what a powerful tool. Bloody hell.

BUT IN THE END IT HAS BEEN GREAT. I just have to practice more often!

A room with a view - men at work in Amed
A room with a view – men at work in Amed – getting footage for next music clip…Made and Mark

And as luck would have it – a yoga studio located right at the beach about 4 min walk from our place…during the day, great healthy food, then in the evenings, yoga classes while the ocean contributes with its very own music…I decided to take the plunge – after a LOOOONG time and only doing a very simply ‘at home’ routine every day, I rustled up some pretend yoga outfit and joined in….assisted by The Cat In Residence who demonstrated a lot of stretching and yawning and resting….hilarious. Obviously, we did not bother her at all, and her tolerance for space invading slightly awkward mildly inflexible humans was inspiring indeed…what a brilliant ‘back to yoga’ session indeed! For everyone happening to be in the area or planning to do so, here is the link…oh, and YES, they do FREE DIVING there…which to me translates into pretending to be a fish and to simply ignore everything you know about the need of breathing…apparently highly overrated…

The back side of the kitten-cushion Amed
The back side of the kitten-cushion sandwich…Yoga classes in Amed…

So. Another blog, another insight in the life of Ideal Husband…all those orders have been done and are delivered by now, and our next trip is scheduled for early November…so anyone interested in FINALLY laying their hands on an Ideal Husband, check out our website as well as the facebook site….

AND….for everyone living in and around Darwin, cosmopolitan focal point in the global fashion world, there will be HIGH TEA WITH HUSBANDS….it will be either Saturday the 19th of Sunday the 20th of October…there will be Cake, there will be Swim, there will be Shoes…everyone welcome, shoe addiction helps….Will finalize date and time and keep you posted.

Obviously we cannot NOT have a shoe picture in this blog…so here we go:

New Ideal Husband QUINTERO with rectangular heels handmade as a prototype coincidentally in my size…different colours available, of course!

A new be road snake print, frontal platform and a rectangular heel for a taut and terrific stride...
A new design…to be road tested…red snake print, frontal platform and a rectangular heel for a taut and terrific stride…

And last but not least…the ‘introduce another shoemaker/ designer’ routine…check out Niluh Djelantik’s designs, she is an Indonesian designer with her shoe brand/ workshop located in Canggu…great workmanship!

Wishing you all a somehow rewarding Wednesday…cup of tea and a book, maybe?!


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