Interior of beloved Truck...
Interior of beloved Truck…

Recently, I have thought a lot about how the current phase in my life resembles the odometer in my rather fabulous 31 (!) year old truck…as it has a tendency to simply get STUCK. The odometer, that is. No specific reason, no near fatal incidents on or off any roads, not even the weather can be blamed – it just does or does not move. At all.

AND THEN IT DOES. Smoothly. With confidence. CHARMINGLY.

WITHOUT ADDING UP or even trying to pretend that those churning little white numbers might have anything to do with the actual kilometers we have been traveling – rain or shine.

Initially, I found myself prone to concern. Even entertained – begrudgingly – a little whiff of anxiety…as in VE VONT TO BE ABLE TO BE AKKURATE! YESS!

Control Panel - Toyota Style
Control Panel – Toyota Style

So here we go….”HAZARD”! Oh, we know all about “HAZARD”…and wouldn’t mind another button labeled “RANDOM HAZARD” to convey that extra bit of out of the blue madness hurled in the path of a seemingly orderly life every now and then…mhhmm…”WARM”…well, yes, that is a bit underwhelming – where is “HOT”, “WAY TOO HOT” and – most importantly – “STINKING HOT”?

Really…this motorcar has not been assembled with extreme Darwin conditions in mind, as “MOLDY” is completely missing on that nicely utilitarian dashboard…and whether I “PULL” or not with some whirly bits going in or out, really does not make a difference…. in my life or on the road.

Meanwhile, life outside my little universe goes on – regardless. Struggling with or without the odometer showing or not showing my perceived or unreal or not-at-all progress in life, I still managed to spot FABULOUS COLOUR arranged in various patterns along Macmillans Road – someone made my day with bus stop art.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. And I love a decent bush turkey!

Bush turkey lurking at bus stop - Macmillans Road
Bush turkey lurking at bus stop – Macmillans Road

So there. Fighting with fungi and humidity and ennui and a severe case of bogan fatigue while working on some ‘escape the heat’ scheme, every now and then a  glimpse of something NICE makes my day – no exaggerated expectations of endless happiness, no maddening positivity oozing out of every sweaty pore, but just the occasional flicker of delight in the case of – yes – a bush turkey. Just saying.

May you all find your unpredictable occasional happiness inducing SOMETHING!

Bruno can easily find her bits of random delight adoring what is known as male ‘footwear’ in Australia…….while I consider ‘thongs’ and ‘footwear’ should NEVER be used in the same sentence, I am pleased to see her having fun – I won’t pretend I do understand, though. SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS SHE THINKING?!

Bruno's shoe fetish...male thongs!?
Bruno’s shoe fetish…male thongs!?

It’s 8 o’clock on another sweaty and tropical Sunday, and writing this blog has been a bit of an effort – or, to be more precise, psyching myself up for writing it has been the real issue here – the call of those books! And another book! But since I already managed to ignore, abandon, NEGLECT the January blog, there was no way to justify the same for February…after all, life is non-coherent enough! No need for me to add to that while I can still rustle up a snippet of believe in a certain ORDER of things – but it will certainly help to move to friendlier climates. And yes, we are working on it….and working…and working….

…while wearing RUBBER SHOES. Because of RAIN. And more rain. And then some.

So it’s time for the monthly link to SHOES….check out MELISSA as they work with designers worldwide to give us COUTURE rubber shoes to slosh around in – if you are so inclined!

So those Ideal Husbands have been staying in the cupboard lately…but we are looking forward to more outings this year…ever the optimist!

Ideal Husband SANTIAGO in RED with SILVER application...
Ideal Husband SANTIAGO in RED with SILVER application…


Good night, and good luck.




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