So there.



2014, off you hobble never to be seen again.

And I thought 2013 was a bit of a nuisance…but 2014, you clearly have topped it.

Orange delights...
Orange delights…

Lots of nice flora and fauna, but riddled with loss and death and a multitude of relocations…in various countries and across borders within Australia to make it all that bit of extra interesting. Or nauseating, for a more accurate word.

But as ‘they’ say…closing one door to open another…what a cliché, but how very true.

This Wednesday finds me happily ensconced in my new house, watching those watery palms and listening to that oh-so-special sound of monsoonal rain…while somewhere in the background, two kittens snore…most likely dreaming of their next carnivorous meal. Prepared by the Feline Foster Carrot and Pear lover.

Five weeks old and still the optimist...
Five weeks old and still the optimist…

And while Bruno would have H.A.T.E.D them, those two have helped to set the tone of re-kindled optimism and the return of a much cherished creative mood…which – fingers and paws crossed – will see to a year of Ideal Husbands galore. About time, me thinks.

And then there was the minor detail of becoming even older. Which made it absolutely vital to return to the Stone Country in Arnhemland – just for that extra bit on perspective and age. And compared to those rocks, it is impossible not to feel young(ish) and sprightly … Even with some bizarre muscle twisting its evil way in my back for that not-so-helpful reminder of A.G.E and W.I.S.D.O.M and all that. Crawling up that rock to have a fabulous cup of tea with a fabulous friend who brought fabulous cheese…priceless. And sort of ageless. In a way.

Birthday snacks surrounded by 45000 years old landscape...
Birthday snacks surrounded by 45000 years old landscape…
December 5 in Kakadu
December 5 in Kakadu
Still standing...after all those years!
Still standing…after all those years!

And this is it. Five Measly hours left in this year, and then it is HELLO HELLOOO 2015.

The girlfriend is preparing some sort of salady delight in the kitchen, the boyfriend is drinking a multitude of iced coffees in Vietnam (various on my behalf, I hope!), and those kittens just woke up…life is good again.

Bring it on, I say.

And for all of you out there…tons of ENERGY! CREATIVITY! QUIET MOMENTS! Keep breathing, stay alive…and content.

All the best…see you next year…and here another shoe/design related website…


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