Friends for 25 years...he followed me from a Vegan (!) crocodile residing in my Australian car helping me to navigate daily life...
Friends for 25 years…he followed me from Germany…now a Vegan (!) crocodile residing in my Australian car helping me to navigate daily life…

Recently, it’s been all about time.

As in ‘No Time To Lose’ and ‘Well, It’s About Time’ and even ‘Not Enough Bloody Time’.

But mostly, about WHAT TO DO with my time.

Blame it on that recent birthday, the demise of my very much beloved cat Bruno, or some strange feeling of ‘déjà vu’ or even ‘Groundhog Day’ – when not feeding those foster kittens and cleaning up after them (how can someone that tiny produce such an ENORMOUS mess?) I am having an ongoing conversation with myself. TIME related, of course.

Slightly neurotic?

Most certainly.

Made even more so with the knowledge that Time is ‘just a concept’ as well as VERY VERY REAL – fascinating really apart from utterly frightening.

Watching tiny creatures grow into something bold, sleek and utterly opinionated…all over the span of 7 weeks – marvellous.

Having spent substantial sweaty days cleaning and painting new rooms only to see the insects move in with their relentless ways of taking over the space in LESS than 7 weeks…not so marvellous.

Contemplating my brand new and rather blemish free big left toe nail re-inventing itself after having been sacrificed on the altar of the Yellow Metal Trolley all those months ago – spectacular.

And then having a moment of realisation that any day, really, could be my very last – even more spectacular with a massive dose of mortification thrown in.


Looking good next to bright happy orange...
Looking good next to bright happy orange…while it lasted.

This friendly kitten had a very limited time – aged 8 weeks, we had to make the hard decision to help her die…in the most ‘humane’ way possible. A most certainly genetic defect of her spine made it impossible for her to walk, let alone play or do all the silly things a decent kitten needs to be doing every 4 minutes or so. Any move was hurting her, and this is just no fun. For no one. I’ve had her for only four weeks to look after, but needless to say, if you are a cat person, that is more than enough to get terribly terribly TERRIBLY fond of them…

Well of course the whole bloody Bruno affair got me again…so going through another wave of loss and sadness and all that. Just around that time, a parcel arrived. A book sent by my father, an animal person himself. Big into dogs, this man. Not so much into people…sounds familiar?!

"Losing a dog - and how we get over it"
“Losing a dog – and how we get over it”

Of course, Bruno would have been utterly insulted. After all, a dog is not a cat. Nowhere near. Shouldn’t even been mentioned in the same sentence. Ever. What was this person thinking? Really.

So this made me laugh. A little bit. And I know…TIME will do its own strange thing. Sort of.

So there. It’s time to focus – on the creative part. The leather bits of my existence. The Shoes In My Life (after having cleaned out yet another litter box showing evidence of the excellent digestive health of my other three feline guests).

The wish to write more.

To get back into painting.

To pack a VERY small bag and see The World.

To marvel in what other people do and create…

To see more trees and less bitumen…and of course, get as close to as many animals out there as possible…while keeping humanity at arm’s length.

And to eat a lot of RED food without doubt.

Fabulously coloured and shaped and flavoured tomatoes...
Fabulously coloured and shaped and flavoured tomatoes…

It is late on a Monday in Australia…Invasion Day…or Bogan Day…or Australia Day…for me, it was ‘Do Mostly Nothing Day Surrounded By One Nice Man And Three Disrespectful Kittens’. Priceless.

For those of you interested in Shoes, here is someone to discover: Vera Meijwaard. Looks like she is part of a duo making things…

Unfortunately cannot make an easy link here…iPad not happy to comply. So maybe copy and paste to see their distinctively European designs…

Wherever you are – have a good night. And some TIME to pursue what is important to you. x


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