DSC02255This month simply RACED by. In a mostly very good way. So no complaints there.

Initially venturing out of my comfort zone into the world of batty creatures dangling joyfully from various trees at the beginning of June somewhere out there down the Stuart Highway. Later exploring the delights of Darwin’s probably best hangout (check out ‘De La Plage‘ if in the NT!!!) for all sorts of culinary morsels and delicious sunsets made June evaporate and the threat of Christmas come this little bit closer. Argh.

Which also made it fairly easy to await the arrival of the second batch of Ideal Husband samples which arrived




So just in time to balance those Husbands on the railing and snap away. Do the Instagram thing ( ideal_husband_shoes) and the general social media oddity and all that. Sure.

Ideal Husband POSADAS in black with RED leather lining...front platform and carved MERMAID heels...
Ideal Husband POSADAS in black with RED leather lining…front platform and carved MERMAID heels…

And this is it for today…a VERY short post indeed. But certainly not without that link to another shoe designer…Minna Parikka from Helsinki…have fun exploring her site…bunny ears and all.

Wishing everyone a creative July xx


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