Where do they all go? Maybe where all the missing socks congregate, but then I don’t do socks. Not in the tropics, and my imminent departure to re-connect with my European roots has me scrambling around my house trying to find those three pairs I KNOW I DO HAVE SOMEWHERE.

So far, I have found a rather delightful dress I didn’t remember I had – one of those with long sleeves and enough encouragement to wear it with fishnet stockings (which clearly must count as coming very close to the ‘wearing socks’ concept albeit with way more holes…but still!). Alas, I have those fishnets all ready to go in my packing corner…as in recent months, the return to that classic way of adorning your legs has gotten me all enamored again…boots and fishnets, what a combo. With just enough holes to salute the tropical heat. A variety of leg and shoe related discussions have taken place with a variety of surprising people in the most astonishing places…coming with a truckload of positive vibrations towards my Ideal Husbands

Fishy Nets with shoe attached...Ideal Husband AZUL in pinky red and black contrast
Fishy Nets with shoe attached…Ideal Husband AZUL in pinky red and black contrast

Haven’t written a blog in July as I was busy with

  1. Applying A LOT of white paint to the lounge room…which is now such a delightful living/ working space inviting sparkling discussions over the yellow table/ cutting bench/ shoe design area…
  1. Focusing VERY HARD on somehow getting through those final health checks…as I did book my flights about a week or two shy of being 100% released into the official world of ALL OK – simply drawing on my re-found optimism and resilience in the face of an illness which has almost cost me my life in February this year. Realizing how close I have been to death is still having a profound impact on my life, and needing to be monitored over what feels like ALL THE BLOODY TIME is not something this independent and stoic person is used to…and just when I thought I kicked it in the head, a cancer threat appeared…just what I needed! More tests and ultrasounds and bloods and anxiety attacks…In fact, have to have another session next week just MINUTES prior to throwing the fishnets into my bag and hopping over to the airport. Ah well. The overall results are: not dead yet, more adventures to be had before finally departing this world.
Not Dead Yet - many more pears for me!
Not Dead Yet – many more pears for me!
  1. De-glooming GALORE. Pretty much self-explanatory considering point 2. And it is working. Gone back into my world of creativity which has always been my one and only source of protection making it through this mad mad MAD world. That one every one of us needs to make it through another day knowing who you are. Re-connecting with the possibilities out there and taking the offers presenting themselves. Breathing in and out…and again.                                                MUST SEE MOVIE for those with a similar appreciation of ‘weird and wonderful’: WILD TALES directed by Damian Szifron…delightfully deranged as one of the reviews said. Oh yes. Argentinian, and goes well with those fishnets. GO, people. GO and SEE. You’ll be entertained for sure.
Very Argentinian - Ideal Husband POSADAS in red with carved black heels...and Fishy Nets!
Very Argentinian – Ideal Husband POSADAS in red with carved black heels…and Fishy Nets!
  1. Working on Ideal Husband FELIX – a lace-up pair of boots with hand-carved kick-ass heels and in-build comfort lifting you up and out there…put a lot of thoughts into that one as I wanted an ‘everyday’ pair of boots giving us that almost indescribable feeling of HERE I GO!!! when sliding into it and tightening those laces. Applicable all over the world mais oui.

It is a Saturday in Darwin, and I just had a catch-up with a friend from Adelaide I haven’t seen for a decade…not that it felt that way. At all. A very talented and dedicated woman working CRAZY hours in the arts industry not being paid accordingly…while left right and center funding is cut and slashed and used for…sport? War? Fear-mongering? Infamous Chopper Rides…we’ve talked about recent months/ years and the importance of CHANGE and ADAPTING – life cycles and circles and all that biological nightmare women have to face on top of everything else (RAGE and HORMONES – WEIRDNESS’R’US). All of that until we got turfed out of the lovely cafe – at 3pm because that is Darwin. 3 pm – that is when a cafe SHOULD BE OPEN! Nothing wrong with having a COFFEE in A CAFE at NORMAL COFFEE TIME HOURS such as 3pm…argh. But no display of RAGE and HORMONES – we left in a dignified way contemplating the move over to Europe. For various reasons.

Cup of tea - in Saigon
Cup of tea – in Saigon

So yes. I do admit it. I NEED A BREAK from Australian ‘sophistication’ and ‘refinery’. It will be lovely to replace Australasia’s non-common sense with a bit of European/ North-African humanity in all its glory and infuriating behavior. Let there be culture and laughter and That Different Light…and shoes. Of course.

Countdown is on – less than a week. Berlin calling…my set/ costume designer friends in their theatrical abodes and endless stories to share about those Manic Egocentrics populating that specific industry…bring it on.

Just have to survive the flight. With lungs and heart on best behavior…fingers crossed.

More vitamin C for me before departure
More vitamin C for me before departure

Back to packing that suitcase/ looking for socks before heading out to see Hannah Gadsby at the Darwin festival – very much looking forward to that one.

And here – as usual – is a link to a shoe designer…check out Noritaka Tatehana for some visual pleasure and a bit of wincing when imagining to actually WEAR those shoes…enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

And hoping for all of you to get a decent dose of energy and creativity…xx


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