Clearly, despite best intentions it has happened AGAIN: The month of March approached rather casually, proceeded cunningly slowly filling up with man-made chores and other questionable time-eating procedures and then WHAM! presented me this morning with the non negotiable fact: it’s over, darling. For good. Handing over to April, whether you like it or not.

So here I am, cup of tea and kittens on hand, fans are swishing vigorously overhead, and the air is chock-a-block  with the smell of some decaying tropical fruit or other wafting in through the open doors and louvers – writing up my blog for March. No further excuses, no more procrastination but just getting on with it. Which more or less is what works best for me in life in general, really. Even when feeling a tad overwhelmed. Or even more than a tad…like as in trampled upon by a flock of flamingos with all their cousins. ALL of their cousins.

Detail of Ideal Husband CORDOBA in metal ‘mock croc’ posing next to flamingo coloured dragon fruit and no cousins whatsoever.DSC02684

So what has been happening in the world of Ideal Husband? First of all, we would like to blame that insanely hot wave of additional madness what poses as weather up here in the Top End of Australia for a further delay with our online store…additional photo shoots seemed to streeetch out for a bit longer (with a very talented but utterly exhausted professional photographer adding excuses to the mix). Weeks with the odd extra time shriveled into nothingness when exposed to yet another scorcher of humid horror…the thought of working up the energy to tie up the odd shoe lace caused internal hysterical fits but sadly did not translate into any movement whatsoever…You guys reading this while in the midst of horrid European end of winter depression have to take my word for it.

We’ve tried EVERYTHING – playing with snakes….


Swimming with crocodiles…


Made new friends and fell in love with a certain godchild. Embraced the atrocity that is fluorescent lighting and all the attached consequences…started to cook. TO COOK! Now this is really worrying…

Started to learn SPANISH…booked a flight to Cuba…and Santa Fe. And back to Australia as this feels rather fabulous right now. Fulfilled some sandal orders which made some people happy when receiving them…and did some more orders. Contemplated offering shoe workshops again in June when returning from Latin America. Daydreamed about some exciting places to visit next year as part of a scholarship application…paws and fingers crossed as this would be rather magnificent…and we really need to go to Florence sooner than later.

We even tried WORKING. And came up with a new sandal design…watch out for Ideal Husband LISTO anytime soon…


So we have been busy…very busy.

And as there is NO WAY we’ll be heading over to Most-Fabulous-Vintage- Cars-Land in three weeks and still no online store….well, it’ll just has to happen over the next couple of weeks…to put a bit of pressure on myself, here is the link to the store…and the link to facebook…and this still rather puzzling scenario called Instagram

Mermaid detail carved timber heel Ideal Husband POSADAS with red platform, back zip and delectable baby pineapple, three rambutans and that very same flamingo coloured dragon fruit without those cousins.


And this is it for today on a sunny Thursday in March – happy to scatter some sunshine and warmth to all the places which might be in dire need … together with the link to another creative mind and maker for you to peruse and marvel at…check out Peter Popps! This is what he says on his website….

Sometimes life is difficult to understand,
…some days the understanding itself seems more difficult.
That’s… a moment in which we desperately need our shoes
…and gosh…we can change them everyday…

How utterly appropriate. Even if it is too hot to wear anything, let alone a decent pair of ankle boots with utterly mesmerizing hand carved heels…

Have a great month ahead all of you! x

And if you ever want to get in contact directly, send me an email…shoes@idealhusband.com.au



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