And yes, they have Havana Viejo....
And yes, they have kittens….in Havana Viejo….

Having just bought not one but three shower curtains I think it will be safe to say I am getting way too comfortable in my current temporary home that is the historical centre of Trinidad, Cuba. It is day four and a half, and even the abhorrent state of my available  Spanish (basically all my 17 words have now been officially used up completely) doesn’t seem to deter me from communicating enthusiastically – and yes, I had every intention to purchase those curtains! Not asking for postcards and leaving the shop with all sorts of bathroom paraphernalia instead…Or maybe they are just a slightly larger version of those postcards considering they all depict one or another Cuban artwork … I am certainly looking forward to showering amongst art – although the quality of the prints in question might be labelled ‘socialistic’ without a question … ‘Castroesque’?

Fabulous in Trinidad...
Fabulous in Trinidad

After only three nights in Havana I found myself in the company of a French couple and the optimistic and very skilful Cuban driver of the Collectivo (shared taxi) providing transport to the other side of the island. This wasn’t quite planned but according to my delightful if slightly irratic casa particular host Wilfredo my room in Havana was needed for someone more important…someone involved in the exploding tourist industry with most likely many more useful connections for him than the still sleep deprived shoe designer having fallen into his 1942 Art Deco home all the way from Santa Fe (and Los Angeles and of course Australia!). Time for Plan B. Thus the Collectivo with ear-shattering Cuban pop music which only stopped when the motor stopped…a rather regular occurrence and after the first half hour not even mildly frightening anymore. After all, my ears got a decent rest ever so often, and our happy little group kept sailing along the Cuban landscape ensconsed in our multi-cultural bubble.

I am convinced my first night in Trinidad was spent in the pinkest room in town…the room with the most amount of pink…a room full of pinkness….shamelessly pink. By some obscure arrangement via Wilfredo’s friend this booking has been made for me  all the way from Havana…too exhausted to even be afraid I opted for an early night after having found – by sheer chance and a HUGE amount of luck – a fabulous place to shift into the next day…Plan B, here we come (again). My green oasis full of birds, beauty and Daniela, my host.

Ideal Husband at home in Trinidad...
Ideal Husband at home in Trinidad…and ready to explore…hunting for visual treats…all here in abundance!
Colonial building in the Historical Part of Trinidad
Colonial building in the historical part of Trinidad … Very little pink here…

Some Cuban facts according to Ideal Husband:

  1. Cubans love Lycra – very much.
  2. Yes, there is music. Also very much. Everywhere. No escaping. Ever.
  3. High heels in Trinidad not very helpful – ancient cobblestones win!
  4. Bigger Cubans love Lycra even more than smaller Cubans.
  5. Cubans are not like Germans. At all.
  6. ‘Random’ is as precise as it gets.
  7. Cubans like fluorescent Lycra – very much.
  8. Having a ‘Plan B’ is part of being Cuban.
  9. It helps to have ‘Plan C’ and ‘D’ as well.
  10. Very big Cubans like very fluorescent Lycra – very much.
  11. There is no rush. Ever.
  12. In Cuba, there is colour. And outstandingly beautiful people – never mind the Lycra.
  13. Sadly, also way too much love for fluorescent lights. Just like Australia.
  14. There is no such thing like a broken car – everything gets fixed.
  15. Ideal Husband is in car heaven.
  16. Cubans wearing Lycra have to be seen to be believed.
  17. Cuban Lycra comes with socialist strength fibres endorsed by Fidel himself.
  18. And Raoul.
  19. Cuban horses are much happier than say Morrocon ones.
  20. Ideal Husband shall return.
Lycra love unlimited...
Lycra love unlimited…
A little bit of yellow....
A little bit of yellow….
Older Cuban men without Lycra...
Older Cuban men without Lycra…
Discarded Habana
Discarded footwear…in Habana
Vintage car light detail
Vintage car light detail
Horse in Havana Viejo
Horse in Havana Viejo

I am cautiously optimistic about my chances to upload this blog…sitting outside of the Museo Romantico (closed to the public forcing everyone to look for romance somewhere else…) and channeling some sort of slightly shaky Internet or other…but don’t want to risk anything by adding my usual link to another designer…this will have to wait, compadres!

Now off to have one of those enticing mojitos…or maybe just a pina juice….Buenos noches everyone … Sending some Cuban music out to everyone….Hasta luego! Xx




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