So there. Finally. Some words on Santa Fe, the necessity to reconsider some of those thoughts on ‘America is Weird’ and celebrating the miracle that is Trader Joe…

Three months ago and after about three decades of ‘one day I will go for sure’ there I was rattling along the 1 hour stretch from Albuquerque heading towards Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Fabulously roundish certainly greenish and adorned with something fruity cacti … in Alburque…

My transport of choice was of course the Roadrunner…what a simply irresistible name! Most certainly I had visions of slightly erratic and VERY fast little birds propelling me and my red boots along the arid trek leaving the equally wonderfully named Albuquerque with its rather picturesque cacti behind in the reddish dust…turns out those little birds are actually an impressively fast and efficient silvery train traversing the desert linking those New Mexican towns.

Roadrunner … gracing some bridge with signage…somewhere along the way through the reservoir

Having spent the night before in the company of an astoundingly big cat named Gilbert whose body mass somehow got in between me and reliable access to the internet I failed to get my friend’s messages regarding meeting me at the train…having not seen her for quite a while in person and allowing for the mesmerizing effect life can have on us humans I nevertheless failed to recognize her when being greeted by this delightful person:

Mr Steven Snyder being very hospitable from day one…

Well, this wasn’t my friend but despite having been warned to ‘never go with strangers’ I happily followed this man back to his home (with studio attached…check out his stuff: Steven Snyder) – and the hilarity of five fun-fueled days began. Clearly, this wasn’t going according to plan. Humorous Americans? To suggest the possibility is borderline deluded…Ironic, sarcastic and intelligent Non-Trumpists? No way…but here they were – covered with more than a dusting of creativity and doing whatever artistically inclined people do in this smallish landlocked town in the desert. Which is lots. LOTS.

LOTS of fabric manipulation for example…stitching and stitching and then just a bit more of additional stitching…creating fabulous wearable art necklaces each as unique as one could possibly imagine…This is what my friend Kay is currently focusing on after having spend substantial time of her life creating big and even BIGGER pieces bursting with colour and intricate wordings…check out her jewelry designs here : Kay Khan


Kay presenting the ‘Flight Suit’ at David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe

Through Kay (pictured here with myself having a bit of a surreal moment in the fabulous Santa Fe Folk Art Museum…apparently the biggest collection worldwide…) I met Yenny Cocq who is populating the world with her Little People…


Who doesn’t like a little duck on their outfit?
Here is Yenny on a sunny spring day hanging out with Little People…check out her complete work here.

During my time in Santa Fe I might have had about 16 hours sleep in total – my days were full of inhaling new impressions, wondering around a VERY interesting indoor flea market, having quite a lot of hot chocolates around town and buying beads…as seeing my friend Kay’s work made me positively nervous about not having some project on the go myself during the next leg of my trip…so various visits to various shops later I successfully added another 2 kilos to my very reasonably packed suitcase…

From now on lost to skulls…already working on a SKULL heel…Ideal Husband needs it…

And then those nights…not necessarily lost to copious amounts of sampling whatever a New Mexican might find useful to enhance the quality of life but most memorably clinging to the high chairs around the kitchen table shaken by seemingly unstoppable bouts of helpless laughter trying not to fall off – not quite sure what happened there but from now on my life needs more of Kay in it – and Sybil, the initially rather reserved side kick being of invaluable help in the consumption of the flood of tea served around 2am… priceless.

When in Santa Fe, beware of hats. HATS. EVERYWHERE. Different sizes, but make no mistake…this is a hatted way of life. And with hats, there are boots. BOOTS. Them cowboy boots…I visited the ‘Back at the Ranch‘ shop – seriously dedicated to getting people as happy as they can … El Paso down the road with all those boot companies is on my list for later this year when returning…Ideal Husband swooooons…and is coming up with a version of that kind of bliss sometime soon…as one does when infected with the leather virus…

Every design and colour under the sun is a possibility…

And if that wasn’t already more than enough to introduce me to the next geographic object of my obsession…along comes Trader Joe’s. Simply irresistible. While in Australia having to face the ordeal of a visit to the supermarket can put me into a borderline catatonic state contemplating joining those clearly deluded individuals who insist on solely living on light and breath (and vehemently denying any wrong doing when captured on camera while buying a burger at a despicable fast food chain) my world changed the minute my friends dragged me to Trader Joe’s. A feast for the eye, and breath of fresh air for anyone mildly attracted to the idea of helpful customer service – look no further.

With artwork evoking the delights of say Dr Seuss and Monty Python when in a TJ’s store momentarily even the existence of the ‘Wig of Trump’ fades into the background – they are that good!

Here I am three months later clinging to my TJ’s tin of lip balm…sitting close to my little altar of appreciation which happens to contain a FRAMED TJ’s SHOPPING BAG (yes, they are THAT good!) and already looking forward to the next time I will be able to buy the odd tin of tomatoes…sigh.

Clearly, Santa Fe has left an impact. So has Gilbert from Albuquerque.


Ideal Husband says GOOD BYE with an introduction to HABANA – one of those pairs will be part of my suitcase next time hitting the US of A!

With the Frida Kahlo approval obtained Ideal Husband HABANA off to delight the world…

Leaving you with the those links above to check out the world of American delights…

And a last TJ’s visual reference….mmmhhhh….

RED and BLUE and Ideal Husband leather and pearl CHOKER….in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Until next time! xx


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