Heading out bush. Hot. Dry. Burnt landscape. Blue sky. Not a single decent shoe in sight.

It is the end of the dry season…harsh and sweaty and still a thing of beauty

Ideal Husband ventured out camping. CAMPING. With a little bit of GLAMPING thrown in. Think solar fairy lights and helpful little ‘beds’ creating some elevated ‘DO NOT ENTER’ zone for all those critters while reading – mind you, we found out that WITHOUT a proper sign especially those ants simply won’t take notice. About 274 bites later I gave up on the book and surrendered to yet another confirmation of INSECTS RULE.

Ants and their many cousins inspecting kapok…in between administering bites and attention to human visitors

The idea was to get out-of-town and inhale a bit of rustic remoteness…with as little flies as possible. But a lot of sunscreen. And DEET. For those of you living in the not-so-tropical parts of this insect-run world: deet is the vital ingredient in the really working mosquito repellents…needless to say the reason it is working is most likely very detrimental to your health…think chemicals…big time chemicals…so while most likely you will be left alone by horrid little unattractive biting little shits there is the denial as to the long-term side effects … and what better way is there but to think about shoes.

Not-so-sexy but very classic Australian ‘footwear’ – I am using the term very loosely here…counterbalanced by attractively RED cups for a decent tea break somewhere out there…and of course above pictured atrocities do NOT belong to me…they are barely tolerated…ideally lost…carried away by ants…drowned in creeks…one can dream.

I don’t think I ever stop thinking about shoes for very long. Shoes which could very effectively CRUSH those ants…shiny SILVER shoes reflecting sizzling sun towards little critters causing devastating fatal sun burn…shoes so convincingly RED they’d simply stun those ants into submission…lying down in the mud and rolling onto their ant backs and showing little ant bellies to be rubbed for pleasure…well…just getting a bit carried away here…do ants have bellies? Most likely they are way too busy to have bellies. Well. Time for another dip in the hot springs…

Free of crocodiles and ready to be enjoyed…albeit only for a short time before almost fainting…hot hot hot HOT!

While slapping on even more deet just for mental health and sanity – as we are still knee-deep in dengue symptoms which are astoundingly persistent and very annoying – and walking more or less gracefully over gnarly roots, around wallaby poo and the odd crushed beer can left behind from slightly less environmentally concerned visitors (we did collect them! Yes! And some of the VERY crushed aluminum cans will be an excellent canvas for a little monster painting or two…) a new Ideal Husband design appeared on the mental horizon…made it through the folds of the brain…took on visual form…ignored the blistering heat…and kept me company for the remainder of that delightful little break from the urban jungle. That and my little crocodile friend, of course.

Domesticated crocodile Walter having an outing somewhere in the Northern Territory…

So this is what we are doing today…working on new design…it is a sunny Thursday up North and those shoe lasts next to me on the table precariously close to what must be my 6th or 7th cup of tea of the day are patiently awaiting being used for the new boot design. Ideal Husband GOMEZ most likely. Round toes, only very slightly elevated robust heel and with the ability to stare those insects down…in style and with padded bits here and there. Watch this space!

A small armada of Ideal Husband AZUL with fabulous hand-carved DRAGON heels…black and silver….other colours available!

Yesterday I’ve been asked whether Ideal Husband does vouchers…as in GIFT vouchers…for Xmas and the like. After hiding my initial shock being confronted with Xmas YEARS before it actually will invade our space again I managed to recover…and OF COURSE we can do that! And have so in the past…So if you happen to have a shoe addicted person in your immediate orbit (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?!!) or feel the urge to give someone else a certain hint regarding your very own basic needs…well…who are we to stand in your way?

Vouchers can be tailored individually and come in various options. Tinsel optionally…get in touch via our facebook page or directly here:

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And now it’s time for the link to another creative human…check out Mihai Albu who started as an architect in Romania and it still shows…in his maybe not-so-wearable-in-the-bush and very high shoes…enjoy his shoegasm!

Until next time…back to designing now….and there is a shed looming…a shed with some boxes to unpack…sigh…





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