You either love it or absolutely hate it.

As in STRONGLY oppose to it or wholeheartedly, utterly devotedly embrace it. Leopard print is what I am talking about in all its glory. Traumatic side effects? Possibly possible when exposed to slightly less sophisticated ways of interpretation…sigh.

Very energizing when used in the right context…

As you might have guessed, I am on Team Leopard. Of course I am. It started innocently enough at approximately age 5 in the shape of a little stuffed toy vaguely resembling a snow leopard. Given my youth was spent in a country very much known for its impeccable approach towards perfection and precision, and that above mentioned stuffed animal came out of the manufacturing haven that is Steiff I am pretty confident they’ve made a rather convincing creature ready to roar into little Germans’ innocent lives…the odd decade or two have passed and of course my decaying memory cannot be trusted, but I want to remember him sitting next to even more prized possession and the very first toy I tortured licking off the fur (disgusting, and I know it): another member of the Steiff family. A teddy bear called ‘Liebling’ – that is ‘darling’ for you guys out there in the English-speaking world. Teddy got lost about three times in disastrous circumstances – the worst being when he stayed behind in a country which these days no longer exist – having been exposed to the excitement of travel early in my live didn’t come without profound trauma…but that is another story altogether.

Classic leopard…very 50ies…paper collage courtesy of Robyn Johnson 2008

Back to the essentials. Leopard print. Glorious glorious GLORIOUS leopard print. From the vantage point of adulthood and having removed myself to another continent altogether it is fair to say that my parents’ ideology did not embrace the beauty of any animal print. On the contrary. Many inter generational fights occurred around me passionately lobbying for the right to express myself in the only way possible – wearing joy enhancing man-made fibers with delightfully realistic reference to those wildcats out there. Well…no and no and no and NO.

Kittens like it…gorgeous Bruno in all her glory becoming acquainted with her new surroundings…RIP

Transition into punk hood was the natural move forward. Clad in mournful black accessorized with additional black and just that extra bit of even better black finally I could embrace leopard in all its fame and glory…and I did. Hanging out with new-found friends of the same tribal conviction made for outfits challenging to everyone but us…we just reveled in finding and making and wearing the latest concoction emulating the likes of Nina Hagen and other convincing role models. Meeting her sometime when working in London about 400 years ago one of the highlights of my then Leopard personality – a short but rather fabulous moment somewhat hazy in hindsight blurred with memories of Vivienne Westwood and other visually committed individuals…to the background of an outrageously bleak and grey and wet and rather British London in the fangs of winter…arghh.

Playing around with animal print…Ideal Husband SANTIAGO in sunny CHEETAH – octopus optional…

Recently, the Jingili Leopard Retreat hosted its first but certainly not last Wildlife meeting…needless to say it was a success. Leopard cake and all.

This fabulous concoction was prepared by a most fabulous housemate keeping Leopard sophistication alive…now this is dedication…and fun!

So there. Needless to say there is more than one Leopard print cushion floating around in my house…my clothes rack has its own Animal print section, and I can confirm that a certain almost embarrassing little car drives faster with freshly laundered wildlife covering those unspeakably grey seats…grey and beige….don’t get me started.

Heading straight into TOMATO land now…

Preparing for imminent departure towards Mexico assembling the odd skull earring…with tomato sized red glass beads….for that extra bit of energy! Day of the Dead….here we come…

It is a Sunday in the Tropics…without the usual oppressive humidity so typical for this time of the year. We’ve been working on the latest shoe design which is now ready to be sampled…about time after the odd procrastination…sewing up a jacket or two and playing with skulls and beads just needed to be incorporated in my life…while eating magnificently coloured fruit and vegetables. What a life.

So….time for the link to another shoe person…check out Jerome C. Rousseau for additional Leopard…

And that’s it from me for today…a suitcase wants to be packed and where on earth has that absolutely essential headlight lamp for late night reading gone…???

A relaxing and invigorating rest of your weekend and the start of a colourful week for everyone!

Until next time…from Mexico!?



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