Predominantly orange highland owl – Chiapas, Mexico

All I see is owls. Splendid owls. Lurking everywhere. Catching my eyes and awakening age-inappropriate desires of possessing ALL OF THEM. Taking them home seems the right thing to do and the will power needed to resist amounts to Herculean dimensions.

It is my last day in Mexico, a country I have never visited before but in my dreams…the possibility of witnessing Dia de Muertos and hanging out with stylish skeletons was the carrot I needed over the last five months while wrestling with yet another tropical disease…I can highly recommend dengue fever if you fancy the overall feeling of permanent body irritation and the energy levels of a person aged approximately 376 years..fascinating in its own way but a massive challenge when all you want to do is keep making fabulous shoes and maintaining a certain level of mental sanity…lets have a look at another owl or two, maybe?

Hand painted clay owls – Chiapas

Before being enfolded in the wings of many many many buhos in San Cristobal de las Casas my American travel companion and I started our Mexican trip in Oaxaca City. After less than 19 hours travelling and avoiding airports such as London, Istanbul and Kabul but touching down everywhere else, really, our taxi collectivo spat us out in front of our delightful oasis. Rolling those suitcases into the room, then rolling out straight into the arms of the first of many Mexican hot chocolates turned out to be a fabulous way to officially start embracing La Muerte in Oaxaca.

Part of the impressive altar at Los Golondrinas, Oaxaca
Chocolates #15 and 16 in the company of mole

Ideal Husband walked. A lot. Up and down those streets with stones smoothed by many feet over many years, decades and even centuries. Ideal Husband talked. Sort of. Not necessary Spanish or even Mexican Spanish but in general we got what we wanted…they are patient here. Friendly. If they are exhausted by us gringos most of them keep it politely hidden. Political movements seem alive and part of live, especially in Chiapas. America and the latest Kafkaesque political developments are acknowledged – political rap in the streets, graffiti on the walls.

San Cristobal

Other  scientific observations made:

1. Mexican women and girls love tight jeans. After all, we are close to Cuba.

2. Owls are everywhere.

3. Chocolate is a food group – I knew that, of course and have been running my life accordingly.

4. There are no cats. NO CATS. Where are the cats?!

5. Mexican men and boys also love tight jeans. VERY tight jeans. What about the damage to the reproductive organs? Never mind, have a chocolate…

No comment…..mpfff…

6. And where are the little cats? Where are those adorable fluffy remarkably resilient kittens? Hey?

7. Dogs do exist. I have photos to proof it. Here is one…

Mournful older dog contemplating the disgraceful absence of kittens…

8. Mexican love colours. And babies. I still do not. The babies, that is. Colours – bring it on.

Detail of wall mural at Oaxaca airport

9. Mexicans are rather short. Which makes us rather tall.

Tall American next to clearly not as tall Mexican…in the taxi collectivo coming from Arrazola…

10. Most Mexicans don’t have yellow hair.

11. But a love of music.

12. No one is in a big rush.

13. High heels not so practical with all those cobbled streets.

14. Never mind #13

15. The amount of old VW Beetles populating the streets is mesmerising…the German in me feels nostalgic…

White VW beetle cuddling up to purple wall while orange VW beetle passes by…

16. Mosquitoes at Monte Alban are the size of horses. Trust me. Trusssst meee….

17. Hanging out with skeletons is good for you. Having death as your friend is the best approach for the unavoidable…

Window enhancement in downtown Oaxaca…

18. Jaguars are big time here. BIG TIME. Which is good.

Melancholic big cat…Na Bolom….San Cristobal

19. So where are the other cats? Anyone?

10. Ideal Husband shall return.

And this is it for now…leaving tomorrow morning with an early start so have to pack that suitcase…with my walking boots and the airport shoes…

Buenos noches xx


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