Limes. More limes. Even MORE limes. LIMES EVERYWHERE. Citrus Latifolia indeed.

This is this years’ first blog and ALREADY 2017 has made a significant dent…two months down the track we’ve welcomed a rather sturdy newcomer GOMEZ on board of Ideal Husband…prototypes have been made up (and worn with satisfaction) and some small  alterations have been worked out…various rounds of hammering later and we are happy with our version of ‘traipsing around the world steadily’…more photos to be done and sorting out more sizes to be organized with the last maker…and once this has been done, they’ll head to our store

Ideal Husband GOMEZ getting the final garnish…silver flat studs along 1cm platform…

It’s a sunny Thursday in the tropical north of the southern hemisphere and anyone lucky enough to have a lime tree in their garden is currently facing an avalanche of those brightly coloured balls of citrussy delight. While this doesn’t apply to me (my garden patrolled by two shy but fierce bush hens overseeing a lot of palms and rather random mostly native plants but not a single lime in sight…) I am currently benefiting vicariously…making sure a friend’s place doesn’t drown in the abundance of yellow fruit while he is swanning around overseas having a great time digging around wreckers yards and other questionable rustic establishments.

‘The Lime Fruit is frequently used when green but they do colour to yellow if left on the lime tree. The lime fruit makes an attractive garnish, delicious juice and is used often in cooking.’

Ain’t that the truth. The garnish bit. Most definitely. Everything looks so much nicer when treated to a spot of yellow. A certain pet crocodile hanging out at the back certainly does. So do shoes. And why wouldn’t they?

Green and yellow and different green and some more yellow…
GOMEZ close up…silver lining, silver eyelets, padded back and silver studs…

Even better, it equally well works the other way round. Being a slightly overwhelmed foster of a bunch of kittens (down to four from initially six – three more than expected but never mind…) I do a lot of shuffling of litter boxes, kitten food and cats of cause…and I can confirm being around the odd lime or ten as well as the odd kitten or six felines make an attractive garnish for a bowl of limes. Especially when sporting a gleaming black and white coat.

Foster kitten Essie on top of latest avalanche of limes…just…

And then the combination of the above…cats and shoes and limes…only the croc is missing…

Essie checking out QUINTERO and those DRAGON heels….
No cat more limes and more DRAGON details…QUINTERO in silver/ black reptile print…other colours/ embossed leather available

While GOMEZ entered the stage as a constant timeless very versatile travel companion when running around Mexico – more on that time here – soon another Ideal Husband will join the gang…aptly named CALAVERA prepare yourself for some desirable SKULL heels….big sigh…so beautiful…hardly biased…something Frida would have loved!

Always having been attracted to Latin America and places like Cuba there is that other fascination I have had since FOREVER…Asia. Especially the aesthetics of Japan. Simple and graceful and timelessly appealing…one off hand-painted and embroidered silks…so despite still struggling way too much with my way too slow recovery from REALLY WHAT IS IT THAT I HAVE??! there will be a plane ticket…to Osaka/ Kyoto! One can sleep anywhere on earth…so no reason not to continue restoring my health on some tatami mat or other in the land of the rising sun…very much looking forward indeed, and such a helpful holistic (!) non-chemical treatment looking after your mental health and overall sanity…

Some delectable piece of rather old silk found in my stash…just made it into a Japanese inspired outfit…

So there. Not dead yet but immensely attracted to skulls (heels and all) and with the prospect of scrounging around Japanese flea-markets in the foreseeable future…

Looking outside the window I see a lot of green (think palms and rain trees and something ELSE and another tree and certainly some additional this and that…someone besides my sadly not house-trained geckos is squawking and by now it certainly looks a bit like rain. Nice refreshing cooling down luscious rain. I am looking at my lemon yellow  metal formerly-library trolley chock-a-block with delectable books on design and shoes and shoes and shoes…and I know some dusting is on the cards. So right now right here we are determined to procrastinate of course…and what better than checking out more inspiring makers, designer and artists…let’s have a look at the work of Dutch designer Esther Dorhout Mees.

And because there is also the issue of cleaning out the cat litter box (4 foster kittens on board) a bit more procrastination seems advisable…late Japanese designer Tokio Kumagai and his meaty shoes….

And that’s it for today! Almost through yet another lot of annoying antibiotics, now ready to contemplate dinner…which will partly consist of VERY hard-boiled eggs…since those intended 5 minutes strangely morphed into 47…argh…not for the first time…ah well.

Wishing everyone a very nice Thursday night/ day and a restful yet creative weekend…now where is the new litter…for those four… x


And then…hot chocolate with some…wait for it…LIMES! x



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