Determined little orange beast in love…

Good morning from the Australian Tropics…where I have spent my time after coming back from my fascinating and partly disturbing Japanese sojourn. I have been busy – and managed to ‘forget’ about my blog – well, it was nagging in the back of my head in June…then getting a bit narky during July…downright snakey in August…and now yelling at me while throwing shoes! Ouch! So without further ado, cup of tea to my right and a row of recently hand-crafted shoes to my left…I shall be updating you on The Latest in Ideal Husband Land…

Way before we got OBSESSED with shoes, my world was riddled with MONSTERS. Grunting, snorting and trumpeting fattish creatures determined to invade this world with their unruliness. Sporting thorns and fangs and occasionally chewing on things they SHOULDN’T be chewing on…they made their first appearance in Italy about 20 years ago, and recently on another trip to New Mexico a new bunch emerged while the USA experienced the emergence of The Evil Orange Clown…

‘Panda for President’ Santa Fe, New Mexico. November 2016

10 reasons why life with MONSTERS really is strongly recommended…

  1. They make you laugh – and relax.
  2. Playful anyone?
  3. In need of colour?
  4. And glitter…?
  5. Or colour AND glitter???
  6. They want your attention…in the nicest possible way.
  7. Problems? Look me in the eye…ignore the horn and fangs….inhale…monsters will crunch them away for you…
  8. Kids love them…they are little human monsters after all and do relate…
  9. Adults use them…as a reminder of that inner cheery monster in need to play…
  10. Look at a politician. Then for cleansing look at a monster. MUCH BETTER…works – every time. We need them. So sad. But true…no fake news here!
This happy creature now resides in Melbourne, Australia…talking about food and wine nonstop without any doubt and fitting nicely into refined cultured life…

Monsters have been part of my life on and off for such a long time now…they arrived out of nowhere initially when in my time as designer in Europe I needed to counter-balance life in ‘Egocentric Central’ – the fashion and theatre world! Over the years they have done a marvelous job keeping me sane…and many of them have grunted their way into being during my travels around the world. Monsters have been strapped to my motorbike trying to dodge torrential rain (successfully!) and rattled around in a rather questionable and horribly beige (BEIGE!) station wagon while enduring way too many flies because of an under-performing air-con….Monsters have entered planes and optimistically crossed borders. Their passports are dusty, dirty and covered in old fashioned stamps and mildly disgusting greasy food stains. Bravely they have met the frowning stares of German Border Control…Monsters claim there was a hint of a whisper of a smile to be seen on one of those humorless specimens.

Someone fishy enjoying a stroll along the beach while being watched…Port Philip Bay, Melbourne…many eyes there!

They have politely answered the most peculiar – and hard to understand – questions asked by Australians Pretending To Speak English. Most importantly though, they have learned to share their space with SHOES. They had to. These days they quite like the taste of leather, and some of them are rather partial to the delicate insoles…an acquired flavor worthy to be savoured.

Over the years monsters have been exhibited both in solo and group shows in Europe and in Australia. Some felt the urge to leave and permanently settle in a house of their liking…hanging out with little and not so little monsters of the human kind.

Recent MONSTER exhibition at the LUCKY BAT CAFE in Darwin, Australia…dragging Ideal Husband ‘HABANA’  along for emergency rations to snack on…tasty insoles, remember?!

So there…we’ve been busy sorting out 2 exhibitions re-introducing those little bashful creatures to the world and making sure they do fit in with Ideal Husbands also so dominant around the house…

We did travel to sit down with cobblers and carvers working away on our range…we looked after our recent orders making sure to work out how you can get the colour you truly desire when looking down to your feet in Ideal Husbands…

AND we’ve been tweaking the design of another yummy pair of sandals to be introduced to the herd very soon…one of the not-yet-trained monsters chewed off some straps of our prototype (the silver leather so buttery soft and irresistible apparently…argh!)…have to keep that one under closer observation…he is orange…can’t be trusted…sigh. Living in a zoo  here without the fences!

Now he is sorry and embarrassed…380g of ingested buttery silver leather later…

All these monsters…time for SHOES!

Ideal Husband CALAVERA
Asymmetrical court Ideal Husband CALAVERA with ankle strap and skull heel…inspiration – of course – when traveling in Mexico!
Ideal Husband CALAVERA
Detail hand-carved skull heel – very comfortable combined with front platform…Ideal Husband CALAVERA

And…time for the link to another shoe designer working away on creative wonders…check out Anka Walicka a polish designer who graduated from the Cracow School of Art and Fashion and trained in London at Central St Martins.

Enjoy! X

P/S – I’ll be in touch again very soon…I promise! x

P/P/S – Anyone in Darwin, Australia in need of a dose of MONSTERS – head over to Martin’s Eatery in Coconut Grove where a bunch of them is currently feasting on delectable Vegetarian cuisine…


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