Ideal Husband POSADAS
Ideal Husband POSADAS with Mermaid heels…in our books a timelessly appealing shape…

It is 3:25am and a VERY early start for me – simply couldn’t sleep as contemplating the logistics of moving house in two weeks with nothing less than half a billion of shoes in tow. All of which without a doubt completely valid for me to have – there are the ‘early reference’ ones…then the ‘this might actually work out at a later stage’ variety…not to mention a whole bunch of sample shoes no shoe designer can stay clear of…and what about the ones made when starting out more than a decade ago…ah yes, and here we have fabulous original 19th century ones…oh! The Joy! The days when trolling ebay for the early intricacies of Cordwaining…which doesn’t seem to be a valid word here as it is underlined with those red dots….treasures which have been packed away for close to 4 years now, and I can’t wait to look at them again and marvel at the size (TINY feet…very narrow…not using left and right but the same last for both feet…extraordinary! And a bit ‘ouch’ as well…)

Ideal Husband FELIX in reference of Victorian times…our interpretation merging traditional wood-carving with elements of contemporary design creating a timeless style to be worn…and worn…and worn again

Half an hour has passed – it is still dark outside – and I have added some hair goo to enhance my early morning efficiency – giving you an update on Ideal Husband AND attempting to improve the fluffy mess that qualifies as My German Hair – a very 1st World Problem so no need to give it too much attention…For the last 6 weeks I have been studying the nature of running an arts business, and getting up early with the focus on working ON the business for an hour as opposed to IN the business will be my focus for the next 3 weeks – when not moving house casually, of course. While the first three months will be VERY intense, the program is designed to run for a year – I am determined to make the most of it embracing all sorts of challenges.

Hand washing silk pants in CUBA without a plug – not perfect but working out just fine…

MAJOR challenge – PERFECTION…argh! While there is certainly a benefit to being very thorough there is a limit to what can be achieved before tweaking and fiddling with the design endlessly simply sabotages the process…and don’t I know it! Getting stuff DONE creates a momentum so much more helpful than procrastinating…took me only the majority of accumulated life experience to slowly let go of that hindering notion…and still practicing of course. Practicing BIG TIME!

A nest of Ideal Husbands in the company of almost perfect tomatoes…everyone is happy…

So there…I woke up CRAZY early…not perfect…NOT PERFECT! Used the time to get some work out of the way and feeling rather good about it – which means after removing above mentioned hair mask I shall be heading back to bed for a bit more resting…and then more work on photos for our new website. Will it ever end? Well – most likely very soon while letting go of the idea that EVERYTHING needs to be perfect…what an intoxicating thought…wishing everyone out there a great day enjoying just doing stuff…creating…pondering…and then some more! x

OF COURSE the usual link to a shoe designer – check out TOMASenWies for some visual delight – enjoy!


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