screen-printed notebook cover (some early textile work) used to keep insanity at bay – combining textile design with shoe business…as you do.

It’s December and this world has been somewhat extra crazy this year – for pretty much everyone on the planet considering how much we are connected in this ever shrinking place we call ‘home’. Not a week goes by without yet another proof how dangerously stupid our ‘evolved’ species is on so many levels…it is quite a task for me to keep informed via investigative journalism without allowing the avalanche of currently exposed misconduct, misogyny  and extreme violation of human rights (to name just a few ‘issues’ here) to completely taint EVERYTHING that is vital for me to keep creating and conducting my life as an artist and maker.

One pissed-off pussy acknowledging that even posting kitten photos on social media is not enough to soothe our battered hearts…

Wading through the bullshit that pretends to be ‘real life’ and ‘things you need’ makes it quite a chore to extract the morsels of creative delight and inspiration without losing the plot completely. Experiencing what is shallowly disguised as ‘life style’ such as rampant consumerism, the pursuit of instant gratification and the loss of real connection makes it challenging some days for me to hang on to my more than bruised and battered wish to create for the sake of adding beauty and values such as connection, significance and sustainability.

Wow. It’s A LOT to deal with these days, and I know we all have to. Especially the likes of us who NEED to make art and create OTHERWISE YOU DIE. Otherwise what is the point. Really.

Making sure this messy world contains NICELY messy piles of goodness…such as handmade shoes…with skull heels…flowers….mermaids….ALL THAT…and TOMATOES!

So there.

Over the last three months I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time and resources to learning more about how to place Ideal Husband further ‘out there’ to make sure like-minded people will find it easier to connect with us…an interesting learning curve introducing me to some truly inspiring individuals. There are days when instead of feeling overwhelmed by way too many meaningless pseudo ‘contacts’ and other bizarre ‘confefe’ it is exciting to discover the hidden gems in that maelstrom of weirdness…and knowing that people ‘get’ what I do is priceless. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to my cherished customers…you know the love, creativity and PAIN (!) I put into each of my designs…and you are oh so very patient allowing for the intrinsic and simply astounding ways those very shoes sometimes make their way slooowly into your appreciative hands…and on those feet! Slow Fashion…made with dedication!

Thanks, girls! x (German Hair ad approximately 1970…)

I have moved house (YES! In the heat of the tropical build-up….MADNESS), saw a bit too many acupuncture needles (two more sessions to go) and am truly missing fostering kittens…which will very soon change as the dust has settled and I know exactly where the all the feline paraphernalia is stored in the new place…oh, and also working on the latest Ideal Husband…something flat but elevated…not high at all but giving you a bit of additional delicious height without the fright…watch this space!

Well it does sometimes…but that’s ok with REAL friends around. Make sure to connect ‘old fashioned’ way…spend time…hang out and ASK FOR HELP…

It is time for a link to someone special dedicated to doing THEIR THING…I will give you the remarkable Amanda Palmer…check out her last performance/ piece of art MOTHER she made in collaboration with a truckload of other remarkable artists and performers…dedicated to the current administration of president #45 in the US of A.

I love Pink Floyd – Amanda used one of their songs (‘Mother’ written by Roger Waters) from the timeless THE WALL for a moving piece utterly relevant in current times. Knowing humans like her are around is what keeps me from crumbling into a pile of mortified despair…thank you, Amanda ‘Fucking’ Palmer.

And of course here is another link to a (shoe!?) designer – check out Jo Cope who is playing with the concept of shoes and fashion. I am so looking forward meeting with her in 2018 when visiting Europe…very much.

Something green and soothing with a bit of friendly white…Indonesian flora and fauna for you…

Take care of yourselves.

Keep creating.

Do NOT crumble…well, only a little bit…

Take a rest and recharge. Properly I do hope.

Wishing you all a relaxing and soothing time despite the Xmas madness.



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