We have teamed up with a delightful smallish octopus who favors the colour ORANGE in order to explain the difference between FASHION (argh, ewww…not that into it….) and STYLE (timeless, effortless, once found embraced like an old friend/ shoe…)

A fetchingly orange rather stylish octopus … offsetting timeless boots – never out of fashion!

‘After all, what is Fashion? From the artistic point of view, it is usually a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’ Famous words repeated over and over again ever since Mr Oscar Wilde (he of the mastery of words and witticism) made his opinion known to the world. What a character he was – despised and loved for very much the very same reasons. Almost 120 years after his death in 1900, those very words still make a lot of sense…just a casual look at any recent publication in the Fashion industry has the potential to lighten up your day with spontaneous wonder and hilarity. Not much has changed, really, apart from the even more frantic turnover (what is it these days? 3 months? Even less?) eating away any remaining sense of the Glamour that is Fashion. Frankly, there is no glamour. It is a deeply dividing, on many counts unethical and globally questionable industry with an enormous potential for – CHANGE! And change is on the horizon – on many levels, in many different forms, and with intriguing individuals like Janne Baetsen and her MindFashion website inviting us all to reflect on values, the absurdity that has become the normality of modern life and the enormous potential for change out there – a highly recommended site I hope you’ll find the time to explore if this subject rings your bell…

ideal husband SANTIAGO
This Octopus is fond of Ideal Husband SANTIAGO Animal Print – as it is timeless and oh so delightful when worn with…orange, of course.

There Is No Gray Zone – one is INTO fashion or simply NOT INTO it. Yes, one can fall OUT OF FASHION – as in falling out of love – but alas – just as re-entering the world of entanglement with love – after times on the sidelines of sartorial folly an internal rekindling of passion for Expressing Yourself will see you once again toying with what can either be qualified as ‘Utter Nonsense’ or ‘A vital need for Humanity’ – take your pick!

Segue to…STYLE!

It’s simple, really – once you’ve found it, it is yours to keep. It’ll keep you warm while fashion rages and tears itself to shreds with yet another re-invented madness (oh, the horror, the HORROR when certain aspects of the 80ies made their comeback – scarred for life yet again!). No dramas in the morning as your only choice is which of your timeless outfits you’ll wear (a certain octopus can’t help himself: wear ORANGE! Well, if that is your style – go for it. Alas, it might just be a crazy fashion though).

No need to rush to the shops and join in the peculiar behavior humans tend to display when entering shopping malls in need to fill the inner void. Instead, you might make a magnificent discovery in a local recycle/ charity shop – what a priceless experience and overall the way to go with the endless tons of discarded clothing every day.

Ideal Husband FELIX – transporting Oscar Wilde’s contemporary into current times – timelessness at its best

STYLE is feeling at ease with your clothing no matter where you are, and feeling comfortable and in sync is the key when wrestling the day into submission – or floating along harmoniously if that is your preferred approach. Having found ‘Your Thing’ frees you from the terror that is fashion. Hey presto – say hello to timelessness. Of course over time your style might change – so what? As one travels/ wonders/ stumbles through life we adapt and embrace on all levels as a natural part of evolving – but freeing yourself of the tyranny of mindless fashion and embracing your own inner ORANGE octopus is the way to go in my books…and that is what we do at Ideal Husband with our handcrafted shoes.

We make shoes we like to wear now and tomorrow and most likely in 2038 if we are still around. And why not? They are made to last and along the idea of being wearable art – very comfortable wearable art! A thorough design process (many cups of tea…MANY cups of tea!) and getting the prototypes just right is the key here to create ongoing pleasure and timeless comfort so you can walk in style with confidence.

Ideal Husband Shoes!

The orange octopus approves.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Thursday…hopefully with some time to enjoy some visual feasts:

Here is a link to Jo Cope, a conceptual fashion designer also linked to MindFashion

And Afke Golsteijn exploring the boundaries with jewellery – using taxidermy.

Happy reading. Until next time. x


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