The Ideal Husband Story

It’s all about fabulous footwear hand-made to last…and for you, it’s about distinct but timeless style combined with comfort and the delight of knowing it’s your special shoe…your ideal husband.

Women are smart and savvy when it comes to footwear and that is why, with the help of a small group of shoemakers and artisans, ‘IDEAL HUSBAND’ has come to life.
Women not interested in another pair of mass-produced ill-fitting shoes are feeling extraordinary and creating waves of desire with our hand-made limited edition range.

At Ideal Husband we are looking for women who are prepared to receive some further attention. For us it’s quality over quantity and style over fashion any time.

Treat yourself to some glamour and elegance…Wearable art cleverly disguised as utterly delectable boots…slightly elevated ‘flat’ sandals playing with colours and letting you sail through your day without blisters…fiercely determined lace-ups with that extra kick for a day in the Urban Wild.

Have a look around this site, check out those fabulous hand-carved heels and imagine yourself wearing your ideal husband…

Marlene’s story

The joyful world of colours and shapes I explored from early days is the inspiration behind the shoes at Ideal Husband. A contemporary shoe designer based in Australia, I feel strongly about creating timeless and comfortable wearable art. I am passionate about Slow Fashion and have little interest in mass-produced footwear. I marvel at the idea of small editions and customised shoes made by individuals for individuals.

Growing up in medieval Marburg, Germany, I remember taking immense pleasure in dreaming up imaginary worlds filled with whimsical creatures. Introduced by my grandmother’s friend – an opera singer – I gained access to a truly magical cosmos: the theatre. This was it – I was hooked on glamour, dusty feather boas and the limitless world of the fantastic. Learning the art of sewing, painting and ‘making things’ led the way towards a future demanding to be dazzled with glitter, velvets, silk and any other materials known to woman.

Illustrious times were spent in the company of dedicated fellow fashionistas and theatre addicts leading to opportunities such as working for Vivienne Westwood in London, staging theatrical runway shows and hanging out with characters equally attracted to the weird and wonderful.

A random encounter in Asia triggered my migration from Europe to Australia where I added shoe making to my skill set and re-kindled my love for fashion.

Asian Aesthetics, Simplicity versus Abundance, Very Well Made Things, Surrealism, The Absurd, Everything Flora and Fauna, South American Vibrancy