Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my shoes to be made?

As all our shoes are completely hand crafted, please allow up to 8 weeks from placing your order to receiving your shoes. Depending on workload and other commitments we will provide an estimated timeframe. In case you envisage wearing your shoes to a specific event please be mindful to allow for enough time for postal delivery.

Do I pay for the shoes up front?

Once you have sent through your initial order and the timeframes for production have been established, you will be sent an invoice for 50% of the cost of the shoes.  Shoe development will not commence until we receive payment of this invoice in full and we have received all accurate foot measurements.

How do I calculate postage on the online order form?

See the Postage and Shipping page under the CUSTOMER SERVICE tab and choose your country or zone.

How do I measure my feet for bespoke orders?

Simply follow the steps in our Measuring Instructions.

Can I lay-by my shoe or order?

If you want to lay-by please contact us so we can accommodate this.

What are the direct deposit bank details?

ING Bank
Ideal Husband
BSB 923100 Account Number: 31779942

How do I care for my shoes?

Husbands come with leather sole, which will benefit from a coat of leather cream ever so often. To protect the leather front sole from wearing out, we send them to you with an additional rubber pad attached to the front part of the shoe.

Some tips for caring for a Husband:

  • Protect them before wear. Each pair has left the mother ship with a protective coating of fine leather lotion. Please continue to weatherproof your footwear regularly depending on the climate you live in.
  • Remove those Husbands properly. UNTIE shoelaces when taking off your shoes and putting them on. With those
    slip-on shoes, use a SHOE HORN to slide your heel in gently. Pulling shoes off improperly can warp and stretch the leather as well as destroy the leather lining…and we don’t want that!
  • Clean your shoes regularly in order to remove surface dirt. For shoes made from SUEDE uppers investing in a suede brush is the way to go!
  • One important bit of caring for your Husbands is giving them a break – let them rest for a day or two in a row, so they can dry out and recover – just like the rest of the world – time out!
  • Polish those shoes…they will love you for it.

The colour looks different from your website - why?

It is normal for some colour variations to occur since leather varies and reacts naturally. You rarely find two pieces of leather with 100% identical colour. But we will NEVER EVER send you a pair of green shoes claiming they are almost red…

Also, there is the issue of different colour interpretation depending on what kind of computer monitor you are using. Rest assured, we will do our very best to get you the colour of your choice.

What is the smallest/ largest size you offer?

We offer size 5 AU / 36 EU to 12 AU / 43 EU for women.

For those extra special sizes we are happy to look into it and get you sorted as well…there will be an extra fee depending on each individual case. Just contact us via email.

How do I find out about my size for Ideal Husband?

As a general rule, we will ask you what size US/ European/ UK or AU you normally wear, and what your overall “shoe shape’ is – such as ‘wide’, ‘narrow’, high or low arch…we will ask you (and help you with it!) to provide us with an outline of your feet in order to establish your size. Ideal Husbands are made over shoe lasts which can best be described as a “medium” fit. This means for someone with rather wide or rather narrow feet that those shoes might need adjustments when making them, or/and that certain styles would not be suitable for certain foot anatomy.

We will also ask you to measure BOTH of your feet and send us the results. To get the perfect fit, download our measuring instructions.

Where are Ideal Husbands made?

Ideal Husband shoes are designed in Australia and produced in Denpasar, Indonesia where traditional skills are highly respected. We are working in close co-operation with a small number of local artisans who bring our designs to life.

Does Ideal Husband offer VEGAN shoes?

To date, we don’t. The reason for that is that we have not found a product yet which has us convinced of it’s longevity and capacity. We do not want to use vinyl and plastic, and other options such as fabric/ recycled natural fibres simply don’t last nor do they age very well. Leather is weatherproof and durable – and with the right TLC your shoes can last for a very long time.

Having said that, we are always on the lookout for the next phase in the development of suitable vegan products for the footwear industry – so watch this space!

Hand made - could you please explain?

ALL our shoes are COMPLETELY hand-made, including the lasting (this is the process when the upper/ leather is stretched over the last and given the desired shape). We think it is absolutely fabulous to create a beautiful pair of Ideal Husbands using traditional methods, which have been around for centuries. When you are as passionate about shoes as we are, it doesn’t get any better…

Any Ideal Husbands for Men?

Sadly, the answer is NO. This does in no way reflect our attitude towards embracing gender equality and gay rights! We love women’s shoes…and that is what we are doing! And keep doing…and loving it!

But you never know. Let’s say once even more men keep nagging we might do something about it…

Maybe for Cats?

Again, the answer is a definite NO. We have feline consultants on board, but their approach to any Ideal Husband they fancy is to simply sleep on (or in) it. And that is that.

What if something is wrong with my order?

If you do experience a problem with your order, please contact us directly.