Wearing those shoes makes me walk with confidence… -B.M.,Germany

Curved front platform (2cm / 0.8 inches approx) adds height to this 'winged' shoe. The tear shaped heel adds up to approx 7cm / 2.8 inches at the back with the actual pitch/ elevation of your foot approx 4.5 -5cm /1.8 – 2 inches. Those measurements may vary slightly as each pair of platforms and heels is made individually and by hand.

Made to Order

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All leather shoe with ankle strap.

  • Closed shoe with straight toe shape
  • Red ‘ostrich’ leather – black/silver available – ‘cheetah’/ black available
  • Padded black back with punch-out detail and zig zag edge
  • Wing-shaped upper
  • Two 40cm leather ankle straps with tassels
  • Tassel secured with metal stud
  • Black leather lining with zig zag edge
  • Padded leather in-sole
  • Tear-shaped timber heel
  • Front platform covered in black leather
  • Leather sole with non-slip rubber pads
  • V shape detail at back

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36 EU / 5 AU, 37 EU / 6 AU, 38 EU / 7 AU, 39 EU / 8 AU, 40 EU / 9 AU, 41 EU / 10 AU, 42 EU / 11 AU, 43 EU / 12 AU


Red ‘ostrich’ embossed with black lining, Black with silver lining, ‘Cheetah’ print on short hair hide with black lining

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