Sizing Info

How do I get the perfect fit?

All our sizes are European (women) 36 to 43. Rather than relying on size conversion charts, please MEASURE YOUR FOOT and work out your European shoe size from there.

For closed shoes and boots:

Get the measurements of both of your feet ( DOWNLOAD MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS ). Find out the length in cm and then calculate your European size using this formula

EU size = (foot length in cm + 1.5 cm) x 1.5

Example: Your foot length is 24.5cm, with the added 1.5cm you have 26cm. Multiply 26cm by 1.5 and you end up with a EU size of 39 (assuming your arch and the width of your foot are normal).


Unlike closed shoes which need the additional 1.5cm in the front to allow for a comfortable fit, you might find that your feet are quite happy with a size down – this depends on the individual, of course. In case you are between sizes, more often than not the smaller size will be the right size (again depending on ‘normal’ arch and width of foot).

We prefer to have the original drawing of your feet as scanning and emailing can cause some distortions. Please post your measurements and drawings to

Ideal Husband
PO Box 1201
Nightcliff NT 0814

However, you can email us a drawing of both feet and your measurements